How do I get him to take me seriously when his best friend is so HOT!!!

HIs best friend is a drop dead gorgeous woman 9,5/10 who has a 95% overall average in university. She goes on 500 dollars shopping sprees, is charming and popular. She is also extremely mature (being 11 years older than him)and possess good character (she was friends with him when he used to sttuter when he talked) Can you resolve this for me? Most of his friends are average looking, above average inteligence, and not especially conservative or classy but his best friend IS HOT! Why would he hang out with me when he can hang out with her? (She has a boyfriend by the way so I'm not saying that she will date him, but I'm just saying he must have really high standards if his best friend looks like that) As well his mother is the manager of a company and works 16 hour days so compared to her I'm would be considered LAZY. And I heard from his friends that his ex-girlfriend (the only girl he ever slept with) is even better looking than his best friend.


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  • This woman is most likely some sort of mother figure, so not direct competition for you.

    But be sure to play up to her...since she'll tell him in a motherly way what he should think of you!

    Never ever criticize her to him. Avoid her as much as you can. but when you can't, be very polite and friendly..


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  • Totally agree with Cutekev. Do not fear this woman. Befriend her. If she really is that nice who cares what she looks like? She isn't a threat to you. And if she likes you, you know what women are like, I basically tell my male friends outright - propose, I like this one if I like her, or dump the slut now, if I don't think she is good enough. She could even maybe give you some insights on him, fashion, and all these other things she has going for her.

    He sounds like someone interested in personality, her looks are just a coincidence. They likely are platonic you know, I wouldn't worry. Get to know her.

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