Girls would you react the way stated below to a marriage proposal?


Would you automatically say yes then discuss it later or say no regardless of the situation? Possibly whispering in his ear after the media left?

What would you do? Explain.. provide insight

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  • I don't think that was real but anyway if I didn't want to marry him I would say yes just to avoid embarrassing him on TV and in front of a huge crowd.

    I like being straightforward and honest but in that situation I think it calls for tact and that is the only way I can see doing it. Assuming I didn't want to marry the guy of course.


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  • "Yes" means "Yes" and "No" means "No" for me. Those of you who read my responses know I'm very straight-laced and direct. Personally, I don't think a guy should be so cocky as to make a really public and splashy proposal, which is specifically designed to make the girl feel like she can't say no. If it happened to me, I'd just say "No" and the guy would just not look good in the public eye. At best, I'd say "I don't think this is an appropriate venue for a proposal." Which most people watching would take as a rejection, regardless of whether or not that's what it's meant to be...

    I'd love a very private proposal, possibly in a garden or park. A Romantic setting, you know? It's not something you just pop onto the GoodYear Blimp during Spring Fling at the beach or on the billboard at a PGA tee-off...

    • hmm lol I see your point of view

    • Sorry if it seems cruel in the immediate moment, but guys should really take a moment to picture the girl's position before going all out in such a fashion.

      For example, telling the whole town about your engagement plans before asking the gal: link

      Or the more modern version: link

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    • thanks I fixed it

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    • the more I read from girls the more I understand their points of view. I still struggle understanding why not just say yes for the time being then talk about it later but one could say that the man shouldn't put that pressure on a girl.

    • I agree, it would be more polite to say yes and talk about it later but I think that when a guy does that to you, you're not exactly thinking of what would be best for both of you and what would save him from humiliation but rather your first response which would be "are you kidding?" which probably is the result of the pressure that the guy has put on the woman. But anyways I do agree with you.

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  • i think a lot of the sporting event rejections are set up, but if not that's bitchy lol