Do I make a chance?

I just met a girl We have been texting. We met up, went to a concert, she showed me her apartment, then I left, she told me to text her again. She is married (21 years old like me). She told me a month a go she was going to divorce with her husband, but now I see on FB she went to a trip to him (he is living a few hours driving away). Why would she want to hang out with me? Is she going back to her husband?


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  • You definitely need to take a step back and wait for things to finalize with their divorce, I hate to break it to you, but it sounds like she just wanted a bit of fun, and an ego boost since she's probably not feeling too sexy/feminine since her hubby is so far away.

    She is not worth it man, if she's willing to run around behind her husbands back with you, what makes you think she won't run around behind your back with someone else.

    Forget her.

  • If a guy didi the exact same thing to a girl, I'd tell her this," He's not leaving his wife for you." So, I have to be honest with you and say," she is not leaving her husband for you."

    • Maybe she doesn't leave him for the asker, but for some other reason. Question is: Is she gonna leave him, and could she like the asker...

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    • Okay she likes you, and if she's serious about leaving her husband, in her mind she's already disconnected with him emotionally which to a woman is so much more than divorce papers can do.

    • However, you need to wait until she seals the deed because you don't want to be involved with the drama that will follow once her husband finds out. Right now its still adultery, at least until the papers are signed.

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