How do you recover a marriage?

how do you recover a marriage after four years of lieing cheating and putting her down when your angry? Please help me fix my marriage

ok first let me say ty for all the comments even the ones saying she should leave me because your right she should but I want to change and I have let her know and I am so sick with fear that I will lose my wife I know I have not been a good husband at all but I do love her so much it is all I can think about and I get sick every time I think that she will never forgive me. we are going to be going to counceling but I don't see how she can forgive me. I want to be a better man. I mess it up bad


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  • go to's a reason why you were like that...and if you did it for four years I doubt it'll be easy for you to stop right away...go for therapy , improve yourself...ask her for forgiveness, ask her for friendship or give her space if you are still together

    • i think you need therapy by yourself first hun =\ and then bring her in...remember actions speak louer than can't just only tell her you are gonnabe different or that you are being different alrready...speak with your actions mostly

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  • Four years? That's a tough one. =/ The best I can offer is 1. You get completely humble and show her you know what you did. and 2. Suggest you two go to marriage counseling. It'll show that you seriously want to fix the marriage and you're willing to commit to her.

  • file for divorce

    thats what I would do if I were your wife

  • Why would she want to fix it? I know if I were in her shoes, I would have left a long time ago.


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