For married couples, what was it like when you first began talking with your husband/wife?

like, before you guys became a couple or married, what was it like, how did you feel? did you ever have this strange vibe from them that you couldn't explain? have this strange gut feeling that there was something that set them apart from all the others?

im just curious


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  • There was a level of comfort and security that I hadn't had in previous relationships. Like... that he would work with me through anything and give himself to me completely. I think it's a rare qualilty in a person. And this might sound a little strange, and I'm not a religious person or anything, but I sort of "asked" or "prayed" for the right guy for me to come along. Could have been a coincidence I guess, but I met him a couple weeks later. :)

    • No offense but I think that's bullsh*t... I've been praying for the right person for years and still haven't met one... Just a bunch of a**holes

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    • Lucky, have you ever considered that maybe it's your attitude? You're young and you haven't lived long enough to realize that your true intentions affect everything that happens to you. You learn a lot in 10 years, believe me. Just because you go to church doesn't mean that your heart is in the right place. I will continue to wish you luck in everything you do. Thanks for the discussion. :)

    • I actually have a great attitude but things Ike this piss me off because I would be a good girlfriend and wife and how is it that 15 year olds easily jump into relationships and I can't

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  • This is a great question! I haven't gotten married to know what you are asking about, but I am curious to see the responses that people post here.

  • I felt calmer. My previous GFs were all drama queens (can't you ladies just stop doing that?).


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  • Great question! Haven't been in that situation yet though!