Guys, how do you feel about a girl proposing to a guy?

Hello everyone :)

A friend of mine just got engaged. But there was a bit of a twist to the proposal!

Instead of him proposing, his girlfriend decided to do it :) She surprised him and he said yes! So happy for them!

So it made me think. Guys, how do you feel about a girl proposing to you? Do you like the idea? Or do you believe that proposing is the guy's job?

Girls, would you ever think of proposing? Or would you rather the guy propose?

The eternal romantic in me says that I would prefer that a guy proposes. Its that thing that a lot of girls think about, that moment when a guy gets down on his knee and asks you to be his wife. It's so romantic, probably the most romantic gesture anyone could do. But my friend's recent engagement has got me reconsidering. If you want something, why not go ask yourself!


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  • me as a guy, I would prefer doing the proposing, I want to be fair to the girl, I don't want the girl to do all the work, I want to contribute, don't want her to think I'm taking her for granted, but as for a girl making the first move and starting a conversation with a guy, flirting, asking him out, initiating the date and relationship for boyfriend/girlfriend, that I love, wish happend more often, but for initiating marriage, I'm okay with that being the guys job, I want more give and take


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  • I would feel extremely flattered if a girl proposed to me. We men are always expected to be the gutsy ones, so it would be a surprise.

    If a girl loved me that much to go and take it upon herself to do the proposal, I would almost certainly say yes.

    • That's good to hear! I was so adamant before this engagement to have the guy propose. But since then I am thinking of taking it on when the time comes. I figure you only have so much time on this earth, so why not take some risks and make it count! :)

  • seems kinda weird but I wouldn't mind

    but not at some restaurant, that would just be embarrasing

  • Me no like.

    Me am man

    Me ask her


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  • There are two things I can say I will never do.

    Have anal sex.

    And propose marriage.

    Sorry, guys.