My boyfriend of 3 months is already looking at engagement rings. What do I think about this?

My boyfriend of 3 months is already looking at engagement rings. I know for me it is too soon but what is he thinking? Does it mean that he is really this serious about me?

My boyfriend's buddy suggested he started looking at promise rings instead. Is that still too soon for this or what? I have known this guy for 5 years and we were really good friends before we started dating.


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  • Yes, IMO, that's too soon.

    It means one or more of the following:

    - He is anxious to get married in general.

    - He is trying to get you "off the market" before another guy steals you away (i.e., he's insecure).

    - He's just head-over-heels and following what all the chick-flicks suggest is the "romantic" way to win a girl.

    - He thinks that this is what you want right now.

    IMO, you need to talk to him, and make it clear to him that you're on a much different timeline. You both may need to do some compromising.

    Also, "promise rings" are pretty much BS. They were invented by jewelery companies to sell more stuff. Don't fall for that crap, and don't let him. An engagement ring IS a promise ring.

    • I don't think he is anxious to get married. It wouldn't surprise me if he is insecure but he knows I'm not going to leave him right now. I personally think he is head over heels but that is just my guess. He knows this isn't what I want. He knows what I want in my future and he is very supportive of it.

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    • You just made my point. So, explain that his mom is wrong, and that you see a bright future for you too, but that you don't want to rush, for both of your sake. He'll understand. Just be sensitive to his feelings; most guys fear rejection more than anything.

    • I have explained it to him so many times that I have lost count. I know he is very insecure from his ex and his mom.

  • 3 months? That would scare me beyond belief.


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