Says he is going to marry his ex girlfriend?

So my best friend mentions every once in a while how he is going to marry his ex. They still talk and get together, I'm pretty sure the only reason they aren't together is because he is away at college. I'm kind of in love with him but we have such a good relationship and I don't want to mess it up by telling him, I kinda want to wait till he is more mature and can realize how special our relationship is. So should I be worried that he is saying he going to marry her. They have already broke up twice. Do most couples do this? They were together for a year before they broke up for the first time.


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  • This is a most tricky situation. He's been with her for a while, so that's the girl he has chosen to be his number one. That doesn't mean he might not have feelings for you too. Your best bet will to just let things be for the time being. As he gets closer to graduation, you should let him know how you feel. He might even have broken up by then with her and for good. You most likely won't have much of a friendship with him if he gets married anyways, as a newly married woman is EXTREMELY suspicious of the "other" woman.

    You have nothing to lose that you probably wouldn't lose anyways, but do wait for the reasons I mentioned above. He'll also have more time to mature and you'll come to see if he's the right man for you to pursue for you. Last but not least, you should consider dating other people just so you don't get obsessed into thinking he's the only one for you, in case he tells you that he doesn't have romantic feelings for you. You don't want to waste your youth only for a single man who may or may not see you as a love interest.


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