A premonition of marriage on the 2nd date?

When I met my current boyfriend, I was not immediately drawn to him, but on the 2nd day that we knew each other, we were dancing at a party and I had a premonition. I have never had one before, only "gut feelings". But I just felt this strong sensation and belief that he would be the man I would marry. I thought about our kids together, everything. It's been four months later and we've been through terrible trials and always ended up together and in love in the end. I feel like I can't live without him and even after I've pissed him off to a great extent he stays with me. We are long distance right now, and even with the distance I feel closer to him than ever. Is it possible that my premonition is correct and he is "the one"? We've talked about marriage before but I never told him about my premonition because I thought he'd find it creepy (although talk of marriage and kids doesn't scare him)

  • Your premonition was probably accurate, you will get married to him
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  • Your premonition could be accurate, it might have exposed underlying feelings about him
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  • Your premonition was most likely BS, and it's too early to tell if you will marry him
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  • You will not marry him whatsoever
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  • ummmm that's creepy

    • She already knows that, she said so.

    • Haha yep I did say that.

    • Okay so why are you asking the question if you already know you're creepy. No you will not marry him, because you're being creepy.

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