What do you think about this married couple?

a almost 32 year old married wealthy,good looking and famous man takes pictures with women either kissing him on his cheeks or sometimes he repeatedly kisses another girl on her cheeks, head etc,

also took pictures with three skimpy clad women all around him at a restaurant and one of those girls sit on his lap while he’s shirtless, both closely posing for pictures, when he got married.

cuddling another blond girl from behind, had his arms on her chest and neck, kissing her head at an almost empty restaurant and was laughing and joking.

posing intimately with another blond friend at a parking lot in the dark

and claiming to be a great family man in public and on twitter,kissing wife in the crowds spreading messages about himself that he’s a great family man,going on vacations and again talking about family vacations,wishing wife happy birthday on twitter when they were together that day,to show great husband and dad.

what can you say about him?

and his wife who is hardly unperturbed by it and spends her days getting photographed with her friends?

who blatantly posts pictures of herself and her dozen girl friends in bars,restaurants,bedrooms,stadiums,beach… all over social networking sites and is least bothered about what he does.always clicking her pictures.in weird postures.

and is always dressed up and happy.and she went to watch him perform she moved away from him even though he wasn't even coming near her.

what can you say about this woman?

gold digger?

they met at a bar.where he saw her and asked for her phone number.

she gave it to him saying if you can memorize it then call and then he called and started dating but amidst all this he was never committed.every time infatuated with blondes yet wanted a child desperately as no one was ready to date him because of his bad nature and ill treatment of women when they rejected him.


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  • Are they happy? Do they create suffering for anyone else? That's all that matters


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