What kind of marriage do I have?

hes 32.good looking,very rich and famous.

he wrote happy birthday on my birthday on twitter when we were together that day in Bahamas.why did he do this?

in public and on twitter he always shows or maintains that he's such a family guy,hes a family man through and through.when I to watch him perform he kisses me in the crowds.that he says family time is so important and so valuable and he needs time with family so he took break from work for 3 weeks,and writing such things.i mean who is his family and then he cheats?

And then on twitter he keeps saying such nice things about me like I am back on twitter(as people had said horrible things to me so I left)showing my photo with friends on twitter that I went to a Saturday night show ,saying happy birthday to me on twitter when we live together,time needed to be with family after he took a break from work(everything on twitter)

Like spreading news that we are going to Bahamas for a family vacation when he took a break three weeks ago.on my birthday(11th Jan)but didn't mention that we are going on my birthday,instead wrote happy birthday to me on twitter when we live together!

he loves our three year old daughter very much.though.and he wanted a baby desperately.

When in reality he was seen with a blond girl with whom he was cuddling from behind,had his arms on her chest and neck,kissing her head at an almost empty restaurant and was laughing and joking.enjoying himself thoroughly.

being pictured intimately with his close friend of 5 years(who is 7 years younger than him) then thrashed her publicly on radio for being a **** and the 10 men he knows.she slept with.and who she must be sleeping with while he's talking and was in a physical affair with her other wise how did he know that she sleeps around when they were in different sections at their workplace?

the girl either cheated on him or called it off that's why he became berserk.i had seen him jump up and down in happiness at his work place which was understandable after the public out burst that maybe she got together with him and so he was extremely happy.

why is he acting like this?

whats he trying to show?

he had a permanent reputation of a jerk a few years ago but claimed that changed after the birth of our 3 year old daughter but after his public outburst of his co worker's sex life it was evident that he's still the same.

when we got married I saw a pic of him with a blond sitting on his lap he was shirtless and showing the wedding ring to the camera even though he got my name tattooed on his arm!

why so much drama?


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  • Oh oh I know! Ashton Kutcher!

  • whos your husband?

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