Guys, how soon after meeting 'the one' (for you) would you propose?

Are you truly decisive and independent enough to do it as soon as the thought enters your mind? Would you be double-minded and think what if she thinks I'm off-key (weird)? would you fear what your friends/people are going to say? (presuming you're of marriageable age) Or would you say I know what I want why wait? Do you know what, do guys even think about a commitment as 'long term' (said with reservation) as 'marriage' anyway?


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  • I think that by the time a man asks a woman to marry, they should both have known that it was coming. It seems too fairy tale to me to ask and think that it isn't already something that they have talked about in less concrete terms before hand. If a woman is someone who I really could not see myself without, then she is going to know that long before I ever ask. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I like to talk with my lady about everything. What my friends say better be "I'm happy for you" or they can "unfriend me", unless they KNOW that there is something they know that I don't.


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