Engaged ? signed deal?

I like this boy he is 21 and engaged, which means hands off!

But there is this energy I feel from him when we are together, like a strong attraction and in my mind I think he likes me, I would if I had more confidence bet 70/30 if not 80/20 on the fact. I could be wrong, very wrong.

At some point within each day he will come over and talk and joke with me. We get on well. He eyes sparkle like diamonds.

Being engaged is it a signed deal or has anyone been engaged and realised at the last minute that they should be with someone else?

I may just be in an air bubble and dreaming of something that does not exists. but can we imagine so much or does at least some/part of it have to be true, gut instint afterall.


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  • Don't screw with someone else's relationship. My boyfriend and I are very serious and if some random girl got involved I'd hate her for life. There will be other guys. Even if he does like you, that doesn't mean you should indulge it.

    • But if he loved you then there would be nothing to get involved in because nothing would happen. I am not talking about cheating.

  • He may be attracted to you. but it is his decision if it is not right for him to marry this girl not you. If he is happy with her you reallly shouldn't interfere just because you like him... you may ruin his relationship, let alone the one you guys have. You can still be attracted to someone even if you are engaged but again it is his decision whether he wants to risk his engagement or not.

    • I will not interfere. I am useless with guys, it is the first guy for ages that I like and it is not going to happen. I can accept that. what is worse is my head not being able to tell if he really likes me or if it is just in my imagination. Infact Its the knowing or lack of.

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