Why does he keep talking about his friends getting married?

I have a guy friend who I KNOW likes me a lot(he told a mutual friend), And he keeps talking to me about how his friends are getting engaged or how after a few weeks or months friends of his are getting engaged/married.

While drunk he also talked about having kids with me.

We've been friends for over a year, and a mutual friend of ours told me he likes me a lot but has never liked anyone like me before.

Why does he keep bringing up marriage to me?(since he won't ask me out)

Note: I'm really shy so that's why I can't ask him out


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  • He seems shy also. He is feeling pressure and feeling probably left out of the "girlfriend" cycle to marriage. I think he may want YOU to ask him out because he is too shy to. He wants you to feel sympathetic to him also as to why I back up my idea that he wants you to ask him out. Basically he is beating around the bush at the obvious that you know already on that he likes you. The drunk part means nothing so omit that from thought. He seems to have feelings for you, so I would say if you are both too shy to ask each other out- try this... Go out with him as friends, so you both get more comfortable around each other. Once you are both comfortable with each other then I think it will become more natural and you know it might even happen that you "fall out" of that friendship phase together without either one of you having to ask each other out. Good luck!


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