Dating other men with my husband's permission?

Ok... this is going to sound a bit crazy but my husband has always had a fantasy that I sleep with other people. For years he would bring it up and I've always been dismissive to the idea but recently, I have to admit, it has started to sound appealing. I love him to pieces but I miss the excitement of being single: the newness, the butterflies, the anticipation of what may happen.

I mentioned this to him and I've never seen him so excited; he wants me to do this and if I'm being honest, I want to as well.

Now assuming this I something he really wants, I have a few questions:

1) How wrong is it that I want to do this?

2) Has anyone had experience with a similar situation?

3) Should I go through with it?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)


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  • I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. For some reason I thought possessiveness (well in terms of not letting your gf/wife see other men) was showing you cared and didn't want to lose her. Now I'm wondering what he has been doing. Not to suggest he is, but.. people usually don't do that. At least non that I've met.


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  • see I have to answers first of them of someone who just want seen you turned into a whore or a slut because I like the idea of knowing you become been used by other guys same as your husband but the other answer is that do not do this it will take you away from your self you will feel guilt after words and you will feel you want kill your self you will hate your self and your husband and everything and your husband will cheat on you probably after that even if he said he do not want to do but if a girl did hit on him he will f*** her and say it is fair because he seen you already getting f***ed by other guy that is such bs and even if used candoms it happen some times and accdinets happen and you can get pregnat from other guy or end up loving other guy and become in big ass problem and that if you never got HIV

  • if you need volunteers I don't mind helping out

    I definitely wouldn't mind him watching you and I

    go at it either :) I've always wanted to have sex

    with someone at least 10 years older than me

    i am 21. Heck we can all accomplish our

    fantasies lol

    As to your answer, if he's fine with it and so are u?

    than I don't see why not.


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