Anyone else think they're full of crap?

So... this guy and girl who do these stupid expert advice videos on this site... I've watched a few of them and oh my god... I've never heard such a crock of b.s. It's almost as bad as Dr. Phil.

Anyone else get this impression? Does anyone else even listen to them?


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  • I haven't watched any, partly because I'm too busy giving out my own advice to spend time and watch/read other people's advice; especially if I don't think I'm wrong. Haha. Though, I don't usually answer questions I'm not very confident about, so I usually stay clear of marriage questions, fashion, etc.


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  • it's ok but sometimes I look at other sources for advice as well. I don't just stick to one thing and learn from which ones benefit me the most

  • I've never watched it because I have dial-up. Enough said.

    However, I think relationship experts in general are... crap. (No offense to anyone).

    I mean, how can someone be an expert on something that varies every single time it happens.

    I don't think you can.

    • People who make relationship advice up are shit.

      Those advice based on experience (real experience) isn't. It all works well.

      It's like saying, "tell the girl jokes and she will like you". That's bullcrap but not everyone knows about it. They aren't with the times.

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  • It is not too bad but it is kind of vague sometimes.

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