Why men are unhappy in marriages?

Why men so often says that are unhappy in marriages?, my elder sister is married and I once heard his husban and friends talking how bad is marriage.. My sister is beautiful, smart girl, they have 2 small kids. Also in movies and often I hear how men are unhappy in marriages, while women says how happy they are, have husband and lovely family..

Why men are unhappy in marriages?

her husband*


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  • You shouldn't put so much stock in television, it's fictional. This is why you can't expect your relationship to be just like the fairy tales. It's actually more common for women to be unhappy with their marriages than men. A majority of divorces are initiated by women. As for the reasons why the men who are unhappy with their marriage are it could be any number of reasons, it'll be different for each guy. I'm going to say the most common reason that a guy would be unhappy with his marriage would be a lack of sexual fulfillment.


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  • usually their wives are sexually boring.

  • Because being tied down is not a mans normal emotional state.

    We often feel like we are saddled with the trappings of relationship, either through societal pressure or because we need regular sex.

    Once married as well, it's not like a man can easily leave the marriage. Current laws basically mean a man will lose his kids, and be financially raped for the rest of his life.

    When a woman is unhappy in a marriage, she can leave. When the guy is unhappy, he just has to take it.

    Finally, that imbalance usually means that in a marriage, men compromise more than women. If the woman has a lower sex drive, it's the man who goes without, rather than the woman have sex more often than she'd like. That sort of thing.

    When you add it all together, marriage can be a horrible state of affairs for a man, and he doesn't have the easy-out that a woman has.

    • Everything you said is true. However, do you agree that there's the flip side to the coin? That another group of men are in healthy happy marriages where both couples compromise and they aren't 'looking for a way out'?

    • I do agree with you there rudy. But the QA didn't ask if some men were happy in marriages, or if they were then why were they happy.

      She specifically asked why men were unhappy, so that was the question I tried to answer.

      (Even though someone obviously disagrees with it.)

      Thanks for saying that everything I said was true, though.

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