My boyfriend wants to propose. My dad ruined the surprise

Apparently my boyfriend wants to propose. I'm originally from France bu live with my I guess soon to be fiancé in Scotland.

He told he went fishing with a couple of friends on wensday, but really he went down to France to ask for my fathers permission to marry me. I know that because my dad called me yesterday, totally upset telling what happened and that that guy was a huge chauvinist for asking for his permission first and a snob and that I shouldn't marry him.

I thought I was rather cute and romantic instead of chauvinistic and I'm sure gonna marry him if he asks. But my dad kinda ruined the surprise now. My boyfriend will be home in a few hours and I have no idea what to do. Should just tell him, or pretend nothing happened?


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  • Pretend nothing happened.

    I'm sure your dad didn't mean to act like a d***, but asking for the fathers permission to propose is a very old-fashioned traditional *and* *respectful* gesture in the British Isles, that goes back many many years.

    • is it important that my dad appearently said no?

    • Depends on the guy. In the strictest sense, a guy who is that old-fashioned who had been told "No, you may not ask for daughters hand in marriage" would break it off with the girl, and tell her that her father had said they were not a suitable match. Then it would be up to *her* to defy her father, if she wished, and ask the guy to marry her instead. Usually by eloping.

      Your soon-to-be fiancee might just say "I wanted your blessing. But I don't need it. I'm asking her anyway."

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  • pretend nothing happened for the time being, but you can tell him down the road lol, just let what happens happen, good luck with everything :)


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  • Aww your boyfriend is so cute, I would love my boyfriend to do that, I think what he did was great, anyway you should pretend nothing happened, you don't want to ruin the surprise even though you dad did already, I would hate my dad doing that, so your dad didn't give him his permission? that sucks :/