Should I except his marriage offer?

I am an American teen turning 17 in June and my close friend asked me to marry him, he is 23. I have know him for almost a year now and he has been an absolute angle to me. I don't know If I should take him up on his offer. He even gave me a ring. Gold with garnet stones and two small diamonds to add accent. I know it is real because I even sat in water for like a week.


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  • Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're having to ask that sort of question here (of all places), then it's pretty safe to say that the answer is "No." You're 17 years old. That's young as hell. Why hurry? Why not wait until saying "yes" seems like a good enough idea (it should feel right AND make logical sense) that you don't have to ask total strangers who know basically nothing about your situation? You have all the time in the world.

    • I have a friend who grew up in a small town where lots of people get married straight out of high school. Every now and then, she talks about how almost all of those people who graduated with her have been divorced at least once by now. Who knows? Luck might be on your side, and things just might go well. The thing is, though, if things were going to work out that well if you got married now, they would still go fine if you waited a couple of years before getting married.

    • I'm just saying that I don't see why you would want to gamble on something you're uncertain about when there's absolutely no need to. If he cares about you that much (and is worth keeping around), then he'll still be there when you tell him you want to wait.

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  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Trust me you don't even have your frontal lobe developed that's the part of the brain where you make smart decisions that will impact your whole life. He's just a friend? I mean you haven't even dated him, and trust me It takes a phew years to really find out who that person is. You're young and I think it's the hormones that are talking. Give the ring back and stay close friends.

  • What does it do when you sit it in water for a week?

    you probably should see if he can support him self very well, and if he maintain a tidy life style. if he's not clean, have a stable job. then forget about it. Go Investigate.

    • Rust and/or change colors.

      He is the sales manager of his company and makes about $4,000 after taxes... is that a stable income? He is clean...Sadly, I'm the messy one (>.>)

    • wow that's pretty good are you sure? that's sad that you're messy. can you do anything about it. or is it part of your personality?

    • I can do something about, but it is part of my personality... I am always thinking about art and make messes when I finish pieces

  • hes an angle ?


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  • I would definitely wait. You are only 17. Now I understand some people get married at 17 and are married for 60 years. But that doesn't mean it will work out. I just think that marriage is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life and you should not just consider marrying him because he is a friend.

    He might be an angel to you now, but what happens when you two have to do chores and someone isn't doing their part? What about bills, how are those going to be split or is he going to pay for everything? What about kids? Do you know if you want kids? Do you two talk about this?

    Marriage is more than a piece of paper. You really have to work at it. Sure it's nice to have a wedding and have a pretty ring and be one of the first girls in your group to get married. But marriage is something you really need to be careful about.

    If you like him, and he wants to be with you, why not date first? Will it hurt to date for a while and figure out if you two are actually a good match?

    When you are married you have to live together, and you two haven't even dated yet. How do you know how your personalities will mesh?