Why does my husband obey his mother and sister?

He is my husband, so why does he do whatever they ask of him?

They tell him to jump and he says "how high"?

We are married and together for over a decade. He won't cut the umbilical chord.

I have asked him to go to counseling but he will not. I have gone alone and they say this is unacceptable, which I already knew.

It's kind of hard to make our house a home and to even think about starting a family when he is still acting like a little boy.

He is even at his parent's house every single night after work, and usually eats dinner there. It's getting to be too much to handle.

They do not like me either, because they cannot control me. I'm not a puppet. I have always been as sweet as I can be, but they see my husband as someone that should always obey them. It's screwy.

Do any guys here know what it's like to be in my husband's position? He is unwilling to see this as a problem. He is in his late 20's, as am I.


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  • Can you clarify what they are asking him to do that is so bad?

    Has this been a problem over the 10+ years you've been together?


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