I'll never marry you. But could you please clean up my messy room?

"Girlfriend is just a girlfriend, not a wife", says a guy.

But in that case... why does he expect her to be doing all the wife-ish things for him: cleaning his house, cooking, washing dishes, making up the bed?

He's not her husband after all



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  • A guy shouldn't expect his wife to do housework anyway...


What Girls Said 1

  • Because they want the benefits without the commitment. You really don't have to do those things for a guy if you don't want. As a matter of fact, I don't recommend you do it for just any guy. Only do those things (if you want) for a guy who treats you well and you know does things for you. like I wouldn't be doing wifey sh*t for a guy who does nothing for me. But if he brings home the bacon and buys me things then I have no problem getting my June cleaver on. I have a problem with guys who expect you to do the nurturing sh*t but they don't give anything in return.

    • So do I. I actually love cooking something nice for a guy, and wouldn't mind helping him with cleaning. It's fun. But I should feel loved and respected, not just used for my housewife skills :)

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