Strange wife and ...............?

This man is very wealthy,good looking,successful and famous

who wanted a baby as quickly as possible even before marriage.but his wife is just weird

she has absolutely no reservations with her husband taking out a younger woman to dinners and with whom he was cuddling from behind, had his arms on her chest and neck, kissing her head at an almost empty restaurant and was laughing and joking.(no reservations when he was doing drugs(no rehab,nothing at all,called the ambulance when he overdosed and stopped breathing)

no reservations again when her husband openly thrashed his good friend of 5 years publicly on radio for being a **** and the 10 men he knows. she slept with. And who she must be sleeping with while he’s talking and was in a physical affair with her

i have seen pix of him sitting very closely with three blondes at a restaurant,all who wear scantily dressed,midriffs showing and later one of those blondes was sitting on his lap while he was shirtless and showing his wedding ring to the camera and another blond was kissing him on his cheeks.He got himself pictured as well.and she still married him.

shes always asking her friends to take her pictures or is clicking her own pictures.she posts pictures making strange faces,sitting on the bed and making strange faces with her friends,then wearing sunglasses,sitting in the stadium,wearing gaudy clothes and getting pictured and taking her own pictures.even if she goes to watch her husband performs and is supposed to backstage she sits with her friends and takes pictures again!

BUT when wife went to watch him perform outside she moved away from him, the moment she saw him coming near her, even though he wasn't even coming towards her. She said something and SHIFTED away immediately!. THAT WAS Shocking!mean why would a WIFE move away from her own Hubby in public?!

this guy keeps lying on twitter and in public that he's such a family man,he even wrote happy birthday to her on twitter when we live together and were together that day!

If she loved him so much then why isn't she affected?.she was seen in husband's documentary but if she loved him then why were her kissing and hugging scenes called contrived and fake by the everyone who saw it?

what sort of woman suddenly walks up and hugs hubby when he's wearing his bags?when her hubby kissed her,he in fact got serious and bent his eyes while she was still smiling!

the guy is my cousin and I am starting to get worried Because of their child.


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  • Is this for real? That couple need some serious counseling then. I never approve of divorce so I hope they love each other and get it together


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