What would your reaction be if your girlfriend proposed to you?

So traditionally women can propose to their men. If your girlfriend proposed to you, what would your reaction be? How would you feel? What would you think?

(I am not planning to propose to my boyfriend. I watched a documentary recently, that mentioned this tradition and it made me curious)


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  • I wouldn't like it honestly. I want to do the proposing. And if I'm not proposing myself, it means I'm not ready yet anyway.

    Generally I think it's best to keep the proposal for the man, for two reasons.

    1) Most girls grow up thinking about their dream wedding. When it's being planned, the guy's very lucky if he has a say in more things than the guests, menu and music. On the day itself, almost all the attention goes to the bride.

    In the entire process of marriage, proposal is the only thing guys really have left. So why take it away from us?

    2) In general, fully committing oneself to another person comes easier for women than for men. In other words, most women are ready for marriage a lot faster than most men.

    When she does the proposal, the guy can say yes because he doesn't want to lose her, but isn't ready to be married yet. She can never be sure that this is what he really wants.

    If he does the proposing, she can be so much more sure the guy wants to settle down with her.


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