Would you call me a gold digger wife?

how would you feel if you see your wealthy,famous and good looking husband/boyfriend or partner sitting with some girl at an almost empty restaurant,where your better half is standing continuously standing behind the girl's seat,fiddling with her,kissing her head,wrapping his arms around her chest,neck and is laughing and joking like crazy?

and that such events are repeated and then he takes a small time off to spend time at home and going for holidays,including writing happy birthday to your better half on face book/twitter?!?

that why he thrashed his female friend of 5 years for her sex life on radio if he didn't have anything to do with her?

how would you feel?

how can someone not erase the tattoo of my name when he cheats so much and has very little feelings for me?

that he married with the intention of having a baby as quickly as possible?

does he need a doormat to look after their kids as he's not home much so he doesn't divorce?

if your better half(on whom he is cheating) doesn't not care what would you call her?

can money buy happiness?

can fake tweets and messages,written to show the public fill the gap of a loveless relationship?

how can someone kiss you in public only when "he can kiss you while people see it"and when he can't you sit behind the scenes?

when he did drugs in 06,she didn't stop him and came dainty dressed at public events,only calling an ambulance after he stopped breathing from overdose.

what would you call the gf/wife/partner who shifts away at the sight of her "supposed man"even though he didn't approach her.

why does someone keep showing that he has a perfect family life when he knows what he does?

is he so frustrated that clouding people's eye with such messages fulfills his fantasy?

why so much mind games?

and if the spouse has no reservations with the cheating and acts like this-shes always asking her friends to take her pictures or is clicking her own pictures.she posts pictures making strange faces,sitting on the bed and making strange faces with her friends,then wearing sunglasses,sitting in the stadium,wearing gaudy clothes and getting pictured and taking her own pictures.even if she goes to watch her husband performs and is supposed to backstage she sits with her friends and takes pictures again but now cares

if a husband behaves like this and his wife's reaction is like the one mentioned above,would you all her a gold digger,selfish and materialistic woman who sees her husband as a golden hen?"?Would you call me a gold digger wife?


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  • You are boring


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  • Did you ever say "there's gold in them darn hills!" in an old prospector voice? If not, then no.


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  • Probably. I'm betting you ignored the red flags that indicate a manwhore because he had money and power. And then you got burned for it.

    • Also starting your question like this makes you sound like a gold digger: "how would you feel if you see your wealthy,famous and good looking husband/boyfriend or partner sitting with some girl..."

      Being wealthy, famous, and good looking shouldn't have anything to do with that situation or how a wife would feel about it. The fact that your put such importance on those points shows what you care about.