Would an engaged woman agree to go for coffee with a guy she just met ?

I just ran into this female at my health club . I've been meeting her there for a while now and we talk for about 10 min each time we meet . But I'm not sure if she's engaged/married or not because I remember in one of our convo she said some guy from work got her number and had been stalking her . He apparently asked her if she was married and she said that she's getting married . I'm not sure this way to keep him away or she's actually getting married .

1.If she is engaged/married would she ever give out her number to a guy she just met a few times ?

2. I asked her for coffee a while back and she replied she was busy at that time , but that we'll go next week . Now this week she said "Let's definitely go grab a coffee sometime" . Would an engaged/married lady ever do this ?

Again I'd like to emphasize that we are not good friends or something , we just met .


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  • Well I was engaged and then a guy from my work I just met once or twice (he worked in a different apartment) asked me to go out for dinner and a movie and I said yes just to hang out and make friends because I had a lot of guy friends from work and my neighborhood so I didn't really think much of it. But I think he was looking for more than just friends type relationship so when we went out for dinner (dinner before the movie) I bailed out on him telling him I was busy wrapping presents for my nieces and nephews birthdays so I didn't go see the movie with him.

    During the conversation we had at dinner I told him I had a lot of guy friends and he said he didn't have many so I told him to contact some of my friends and he didn't want to. It just was like he just wanted to hang out with me, I took that as a red flag. Anyways, if she is just friendly and what not then just go with her to be her friend. I think guys and girls can be friends if you both are on the same page. Anyways he kept on asking me out some more and I finally told him no and didn't answer him anymore, I don't remember telling him I was engaged and about to get married but I'm sure he heard from someone at work since I know so many people at my work place. Anyways, good luck with her even if she is engaged maybe you guys can be friends.

  • I certainly hope she wouldn't give out her number, that seems inappropriate. That she might walk next door to a coffee shop with you is another thing, though I personally wouldn't even do that. But nowadays so many people get all mixed up in these opposite gender friendship deals so who knows.


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