What are reasons why a guy's girlfriend would insist on marriage?

What kind of tone does "insisting on marriage" give off? Why the need to insist?


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  • I think when a girl is insisting on marriage, it's probably because she feels it's time to take the relationship in that direction.

    If you are not engaged, maybe she feels it's time to get engaged. She feels you two have been dating long enough and wants to marry you. I would personally be flattered, because that is something that should be seen as a positive, if she wants to marry you, chances are pretty good she loves you. Whether you actually want to get married or not is a different issue. But it should be discussed if she is insisting.

    Depending on her age, it's probably time in her head to get married. It's a combination of her social circle and her own feelings and life timeline. Maybe all of her friends are moving in that direction and she wants to do that too. Or maybe she is ready because she has a good job, is settled and now wants kids, or maybe to just get married and settle down more.

    If you are engaged, she probably feels as though it is time to take that next step and actually get married.

    There is no set timeline. Every couple is different, and regardless what your case is you should probably talk to your girlfriend, or if this is a friend, he should talk to his girlfriend about this. They both need to be open and have a discussion about what their ideas are for the relationship.


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  • Maybe you've been dating long enough and she feels like it's time for you to sh*t or get off the pot. A guy who is serious about his girl will take her off the market. A guy who isn't won't and will just keeping trying to date until he finds someone he does want to marry. (I've had many male friends tell me this verbatim.)

    That's the most likely reason I can think of.

    or. . .

    maybe she's pregnant and hasn't told you yet

    or. . .

    maybe she's getting family pressure about the two of you (it's far more pressure than guys ever get about dating someone)

    or. . .

    maybe she's beginning to hear her biological clock (it's different for all women)

    or. . .

    maybe she just thinks you're playing games and this is her way of seeing if you take her and your subsequent future together seriously

    There are so many, many potential reasons that you need to get off the computer right now and just talk to her. Be direct. Tell her you feel like she's pressuring you and you'd like to know if there's a specific reason why. I'm very direct and I appreciate it when men can be direct. Women know you fellas don't like conflict, but in this case it's not conflict--it's your relationship. And if you want it to survive you need to learn how to communicate with your partner instead of asking virtual strangers what she might possibly mean. Seriously, your answer is in the next room, so what are you waiting for?

  • If you been dating along time, And she has never been married or doesn't have any kids a woman would suggest marriage.


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