Means about my marriage ?

my husband and I did our family scenes in his documentary and everyone called it fake,contrived and boring.

Especially the scenes between my husband and I.

The first was that we were shown sitting in the chairs along with our daughter and we did nothing,no exchange of dialogues except that both of us were looking at our daughter.

The second scene was that my husband was wearing his bags,ready to leave for work and while he was wearing the bags I suddenly went up and hugged him while he was wearing his bags,while he kissed me on head.

the third scene was that we had to kiss each other,(my husband who is a good actor) but my husband comes up where I stood smiling,looks down,walks in a odd fashion and just as he was about to say something I quickly kissed him and after it he bent his eyes and became serious while I smiled

Almost every scene had my husband interacting with our daughter while I just stood behind.His scenes with the daughter were said touching but our scenes were just dismissed.

I know that he cheats on me,has cheated several times before marriage as well as after marriage (like he thrashed his close female friend for her intimate antics on radio,the men he knows she slept with,who she's sleeping with while he's talking and mentioned me saying what he put me through when he overdosed on drugs and stopped breathing,in laws)but presents himself as a stand up family man in public and on twitter

.i am always with my friends,getting my pix clicked in different poses with my dozen girlfriends as he stays out of home much due to his job.once I shifted away from him even though he didn't approach me,just came near me,

sometimes he takes breaks to go on expensive holidays but makes it public by saying its a family vacation.even in pix with me he never holds me by waist or anything,sometimes by the arm,with other women he always poses nicely

in fact he even wrote happy birthday to me on twitter when we were together the whole day and were going on a holiday that day.,why he did this?

hes rich,famous and good looking

how come?why?

is it because we don't love each other that's why our scenes were dismissed?


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  • yes it might be that you dnt love each other and hence it was reflected in those scenes ...i think so after a daughter happened to you he got more reasons to stay away frm you ...try to re-ignite the spark of marriage by seducing him going for long walks without kids around...doing what he likes but not overdoing it...try to be close to him

  • Because you allow it?


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