I can't find a job, depressed, and my husband is unsupportive, what would you do?

I'm 24, recently graduated college with a bachelors. I haven't had a job since the age of 19. I have given up on trying to find one and have been 100% focused on school so that I can get a better job. Well, I started my job search about 6 months ago and still no luck whatsoever.

My husband has no degree and makes about 40K a year w/o taxes because he is a full time truck driver. He pressures me everyday about being too lazy to find work when that's not true, I spend at least 6 hours a day religiously at my computer EVERYDAY looking for work. I've fallen into depression. Crying everyday, my sex-life is going down hill and so is my social life. We don't have the money to do much, we never really did. He even tells me that his coworkers convince him to divorce me because they assume I'm lazy sitting on my behind not finding work. I've even applied for MINIMUM wage jobs, and even they don't want me. They see my fancy degree from a University and they assume that I don't want the job. At this point I'm not as picky as I was in the past.

I'm very angry at how things are looking, my husband and his friends talking about me behind my back, me not being able to find work and I haven't been happy lately, just miserable. Can't eat nor sleep. Any advice?


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  • Leave off the degree. Find some other way to explain that gap in your work history. I have all kinds of gaps in my history. I call them Playstation breaks. My cousin just got her first job at the age of 22 and she doesn't have a degree.

  • I'm not too certain.:/


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