What is the point of marriage?????

Most married couples seem so unhappy and listless that they don't look like couples at all. I have also heard of many horror stories of guys getting screwed over in a divorce as well. To me it seems like a noose around your neck having a government contract with the person you are with; it feels like you HAVE to be with them now, whether you want to or not

There are no more real tax benefits or health insurance benefits (unless you have kids), and basically every other benefit to marriage can be taken care of with a living will.

Also, weddings cost 10's of 1,000's of $'s

So what is the point of marriage?


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  • Seriously, marriages are JUST personal contracts in the eyes of law/government. ANY female who tells you differently is being ideallistic and reading Harliquins too much.

    Why? In any contract, to void it null, there is an assumption that both parties involved have equal rights and equal opportunity to have assets and judgments on any discrepency to be split. Divorce, the actual term to void a marriage contract, is completely slanted and biased to the female. Hence, what MAN, in his sane mind would enter into a contract that guarantees his failure to gain a fair opportunity?

    I'm not talking known deadbeating.. that's too easy to crutch on ladies! That represents such a small proportion of the divorced men.

    Most women friends in my social circles either admit it exists and are disgusted by other women who take advantage of such inequity, or admit freely they understand this is a "perk" (not my word.. a great female divorced friend actually called it that!) as motivation for marriage!

    I love women and believe in Love. I am happy to know that more and more women are seeing marriage as a business contract and are finding it obsolete (and irrelevant to LOVE).

    My advice, don't EVER get married. If love exists, it will nurture the relationship and evolve accordingly. The rest of it is nothing more than feminine greed hiding behind female fantasy!

    • Marriage = the right to half of your income & assets in the event of divorce.

      that's it; period. you'd still have to make child support payments married or unmarried. you'd still live together and love each other married or unmarried. the only REAL reason/motivator behind marriage IS money & financial security; and women know this quite well, but pretend to be oblivious to it even better.

      in the 21st century; a financially exposed married man is an endangered species.

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  • It depends on the person you are talking to me. I think that marriage can be a beautiful union. To me it is not about the taxes or the benefits at all. I can take care of that myself. It is more about the bond I will have when I get married. I think it's an expression and a deep commitment that I am making. It's one of the ultimate commitments I could make. I am proud to be engaged to my fiance. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He is very sweet and kind. Our marriage is the joining of us. Not our finances, not our taxes. I made him wait four years because I always promised myself to not take marriage lightly or to think of it as something that could end if I was not happy. To me a marriage should be about fighting together to make it through the hard times, appreciating the good times and loving the one you are with. Not all weddings cost thousands and thousands of dollars. It's possible to have it be low budget. Some of them are lavish. It all depends on the couple.

  • Yes weddings cost money, there isn't too much you can do about that besides budget yourself for the big day but the benefits from marriage far outweigh the 'tax' benefits. Marriage was designed to form a permanent bond of union between man and woman, that they might be mutually helpful to each other. It's a serious and responsible thing so it should not be something that is rushed or done for the wrong reason. Unfortunately so many people have unrealistic ideas about love, sex and marriage primarily due to tv, movies, books magazines, friends or their own fantasies. When these ideas aren't met or realized in marriage then the blame game starts or marriage is made to be at fault instead of the false expectations.

    • "Marriage was designed to form a permanent bond of union between man and woman"

      All marriage is is a state-issued contract that can be terminated at any time (for example the ~50% divorce rate [not counting annulments] in the U.S.) and for any reason (irreconcilable differences)

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    • I hope the same for you =]

    • OOH! Tax benefits for married people in the US? That's paradise!

      In my country their wages are added to be a sngle income for our IRS, so both pay more :-P

  • At some point your right but if you take a look at it another way - you are very wrong! Marriage can be a happy one if only you and your partner participate in it! I know this couple where the girl constantly lies to her fiance and when confronted asking how do you keep this relationship on a good basic level she said I lie! It's as if people have no more common sense so they lie to each other to keep each other happy...

    To me marriage or a relationship should never be based on a lie - couples should trust one another but at some point its hard - at the back of your head you always keep these questions - is he/she cheating on me? Is anyone trying to seduce him/her? Is he/she lying to me about her whereabouts? I mean these questions may never go away and the only thing we have to do is trust that they're never going to commit to such a thing like that. It's hard but we can at least try. Now if your question also includes a prenup those I think are the most ridiculous things alive - that's why usually guys get screwed over - I just ask if your getting married - why are also getting divorced? Cause if you think about it that's what your really asking when your handing your fiance a prenup cause in the future things might not work out! I mean be together, enjoy each other, cause once you sign that paper your the only 2 people that you have cause together is the only way you both can work things out...!

    • See? if you don't get a prenuptial then you get screwed, but if you do then you are an asshole.

      ....and also, if your friend's fiance goes through with the marriage after she constantly lies to him with no regrets then he is a big time schmuck <----tell him "Camilus" said that

    • Hey he doesn't know she lies and I'm sorry I rather not get into that cause obviously I'll sound as if I'm jealous but thinking about it I think I should tell him....wait I meant to say I'm getting married to you now but for the future I would also like to divorce that's what I meant with the prenup but why would you be an ahole - cause ur not giving her a prenup - that's stupid...

  • It's all a point of view thing, some people think marriage is the best and some don't...To me the point of marriage is to show the world that you are forever in love with that person, and to show the ultimate commitment to that person...not every married couple is unhappy or listless, and the one's that are obviously didn't find the person they should have married, because when you find the right person you will be happy when your married to that person

  • Sometimes it just nice to know that you do not have to go through it all alone.

    • Well aren't you still doing that when you are just dating seriously versus being married?

    • But dating isn't the same its less stable.

  • IDK my parents were married for 19 years and were very happy. Yes, they had their arguments but overall they were very happy and in love. I think if you find someone that is your soulmate and best friend, naturally you would want to spend the rest of your lives with them.

    As far as prenups go, unless you're like a multimillionaire that's not something I would even worry about. And why is it the guys who act like they are the ones who get screwed over during divorce? When you're married all assets are 50/50. It's not like the man goes to work and the wife sits at home and does nothing. It's both of your money so both people deserve it if the marriage doesn't work out.

    Weddings don't have to cost that much money. Some people are happy getting married at the justice of the peace. I wouldn't personally, but my parents are going to pay for my wedding. I thought it was tradition for the brides parents to foot the bill.


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  • Traditionally and historically, the point of marriage was to keep wealth and property in a family, and to have kids. Only in the last 200-300 years has the concept of marrying for love been popular. And even when you marry for love, it's commitment that truly cements a marriage. When people say "for better or worse" in their wedding vows, they often don't seem to truly commit to that concept. They bail out at the first sign of trouble.

    One of the reasons modern marriages can be unhappy is that people expect constant thrills, love and happiness. Not only in a marriage, but from life in general.That's an unrealistic illusion that contributes to a lot of unhappiness. In the U.S. over the last 20-30 years, the cult of feelings and self-esteem have gone too far in my opinion. People try to shield themselves and their kids from any sadness, failure, disappointment and mistakes. And if you're never allowed to fail, you never learn to cope with it and try again. You never learn that disappointment and mistakes are the best way to learn. Instead, there's a generation of Americans who often run away from problems because they have no coping skills.

    I agree that spending a small fortune on a wedding is a waste.


  • A marriage isn't a marriage without a prenupte.

    That's the only way a guy can protect himself.

    And I agree marriage should be like a contract.

    Both parties agree on 6-months to 1-yr contract

    After which time both parties can re-negotiate or go their seperate ways.

  • Shoot me , but we married in 1971 and the ONLY days I have regretted it is when I receive the IRS bill.

    • We did not spend much money for the marriage itself: a good dinner with 12 or so people in a good restaurant.

  • A lot of people view it as the final commitment. A lot of people don’t need it or respect what it means. It is pointless if you don’t view it the right way.