Tell a friend that his girlfriend is married?

Why is it that I have an overwhelming urge, which I haven’t acted upon; to tell a friend that his girlfriend is married? (no court records of anything but a marriage license). I don’t know if he knows but he is keeping people away from her, as if he doesn’t want them to know who she is or anything about her (his parents and close family know her but no one else). I want to say something but at the same time I don’t want to intrude or overstep my friendship boundaries.

I really don’t know what to do? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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  • First of all... make sure you have proof! And yeah this can be troubling since you don't know if your friend will call you a liar and not even believe you at all. I'd say if you want your relationship to be stable don't tell him... BUT then again... Your friend is gonna be hurt in the end. I'd say you should get another friend to help you an give you advice on this one.

    Another thing is what if he already knows? What if she's planning to divorce this other person (which she better do quickly)! Dunno.

    I'd say you should tell him... to be honest... or at least confront his girlfriend lol but then again your putting yourself in danger... so I don't know. That's a hard one to be honest but hopefully your friend is NOT being lied to.

    I'd say... What would you want your friend to do unto you? Would you want him to tell you that the guy your dating is already married? If yes.. than you should tell him EVEN if it hurts you... EVEN if he doesn't like you for 5 months... because that could save him from being heart broken in the end. I mean he still will be heart broken but maybe it can save him from a relationship that could hurt him even more.

    Tell him... Meet up with him and bring a couple close friends with you (who also know of this - if anyone else knows) so they'll back you up and confront him

    Good luck and pray hope you bring this to your friends knowledge bye

    • I have known about it for awhile, they have been dating (I use that phrase loosely) for about 2.5 yrs, I have known for 6-8 months now. I just don't know if I want to say something, part of me wants to but part doesn't. I know that if she doesn't tell him and he finds out it will just kill him.

    • Well you should tell him now I think. It's bad if you don't tell him because then he'll be like "Why didn't you tell me?" When he does find out. I think what you should do as a friend would be to tell him. It's like if you knew my husband was cheating on me and taking my money.. would you continue to let your friend be cheated on and stolen from? No. I would tell him <3 its gonna take a lot of balls but do it. Please Bye and God bless and good luck and if you need help ask a friend to come with u

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