What would be your ideal partner? marriage wise?

If you could choose you're perfect partner what characteristics would he/ she have?

mine::: 6' - 6'5" short black hair, any color eyes,muscular, sexy Italian, healthy, chivalrous, sexy voice, Straight teeth, gorgeous smile, wants kids, loves kids, I don't care if he has much money or not, but he can't be lazy, knows how to wash, fold clothes, loves seeing me as much as I love seeing him, can cook, clean, gives me a reason to be excited to get off from work, be funny, have life stories that are interesting, be honest and trustworthy, not a fighter unless it was pure defense
Real world doesn't matter just what would be the perfect human ... To be life partners.. made up what ever... it doesn't even matter if your ideal mate would be an ape or something in your perfect world..all characterictics
Sorry if you got a thumbs down . A couple may have been me om accident I'm on my phone buttons are close only gave one down on perpose


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  • Affectionate, but not too much in public. Someone patient. Abusive women are out, so someone who can handle her anger in a healthy, mature way. Someone who understands subtlety but can translate. Someone who is great with kids. Someone who isn't always bringing up some small mistake I made 20 years ago. Someone who can let the minor stuff go. Someone who doesn't always insult me in front of any kids we'd have.

    I'd probably go for an artist. I thought it'd be cool to marry a painter, because my medium is the computer and modern (minimalistic, I guess), so we could both learn a lot from each other and understand each other.

    Someone a bit outgoing (not flirty with others), but friendly. I could use that because I tend to be "inside my head" a lot. Someone who can "get me involved" when I don't notice that I'm getting quiet.

    Someone with a similar faith to mine. This way, we can encourage each other to grow, and not always be thinking the other is "stupid" for believing what they believe, and we won't always be trying to "convert" each other.

    I'd probably go for a nerd, because we can talk more easily and get each others little quirks.

    A reader. Someone smart; not condescending about it. Someone who can challenge me a little intellectually. I always thought playing Chess or something with a girl would be fun.

    Someone positive and encouraging. I don't want to be with someone who's always angry or miserable.

    Someone honest. A dishonest person who thinks they're always right is VERY frustrating; No habitual liars.

    Someone who can share in the chores and try to have fun doing them.

    While I'm not sure I want a "professional bean counter," I'd consider someone good with taxes, so I don't have to do them. Barring that, someone who is well organized who makes enough to hire a tax professional. :) Finances are not my strong suit.

    Someone with pretty eyes, who I can remain attracted to.

    Someone who doesn't smoke (at all), doesn't take the dog or cat over me (allergic). Someone who isn't a drunk or a

    As far as specifics past that, dream girl wise - MAYBE someone with a Scottish, Irish, or nice English accent (not cockney!), though American is definitely good.

    A girlie girl, someone who doesn't have a mustache. Sorry. On the other hand, I don't always want to be late to something because of spending over 2 hours in a bathroom.

    I once heard a friend refer to his wife as a "total babe" - and they're in their 70's. That's something I would love to have - someone who can remain attractive and beautiful in my mind - someone who I can still see as a babe when we're old.

    Someone who won't run off if the going gets tough. No cheaters.

    Someone healthy, someone who exercises. No severe mental problems, if possible.

    Someone who can be silly. I love quirky, silly little moments.

    I suppose that's about it.

  • Christian


    doesn't smoke, drink, or cuss


    brown or blond hair

    blue eyes

    athletic and toned

    silly as can be and can laugh and mess around about anything

    smart and can actually have deep conversation

    loves to love and be all cuddly lol

    straight white teeth

    wants kids

    hygienic and neat

    I hv yet to meet such a girl and maybe never will, but I hv faith God has my dream girl for me so I'm not gonna lower my standards for anything :)

  • Physically It doesn't matter, I just have to be attracted to them and I have a wide range of "tastes" I guess you could say haha

    As for personality/mentally, these come to mind:

    - Trustworthy

    - Loyal

    - Loving and affectionate

    - Intelligent (atleast to some degree)

    - Sense of humor is great!

    - Respectful of other people

    - High sex drive would be preferred lmao

  • Practical thinker. Logical. Asexual. Does not care about makeup. Does not wear heels or dresses or skirts. Not religious. Witty. Highly intelligent. Strong sense of humor. Tough/strong/independent. Unique. Someone who other people would have no comprehension of.

    • must add, loves dogs =)

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    • Hope it doesn't sound dumb but I'm curious does sex feel good and are you turned on during sex?

    • I wouldn't know. I can't have it.

  • I don't think ill ever wind up married.

    Looks wise, I have to be attracted too her and have chemistry.

    Otherwise she has to be genuine, strong willed, have a big heart, be able too cook, positive attitude, goal oriented, family oriented and be the bomb in bed. (Im very sexually demanding)

  • for me, I'm not even considering marrying anyone till I'm like in my 30s.. but I guess if I were to imagine time traveling to the future they would have to be:

    -- pretty in my eyes

    -- intelligent and also down to earth about it

    -- loves sex as much/often as I do, and isn't inhibited about exploring kinky stuff with me

    -- likes to pamper and take care of me like a baby

    -- someone I'm comfortable around and can be myself

    -- someone that doesn't try to change or manipulate me in any sort of way

    -- preferably likes drum and bass, dubstep and house dance music

    -- eclectic and weird and likes/is an artist, cause normal is fake and boring

    -- definitely liberal

    -- honest and loyal

    • oh yah forgot to add: has a good sense of humor (likes my jokes)

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    • negative nancy, lol! no, I'm just realistic and practical. I'm also a real adult unlike so many others on this website. '

      I understand you liking the idea of someone being there for you when you're sick, that's rational, but why would she need to "bring you food" when I assume your legs work just fine? Nowadays nobody gets waited on unless you're at a restaurant or you've hired a maid. But, since you said you can't find a job, I'm guessing both reastaurants and maids aren't what you mean.

    • uhh, yes you are a negative nancy. your already complaining like a bi.tch when you have no idea how ell I treat girls I date. they are more than happy to do things like that for me. there's nothing wrong with nurturing a guy, and if you don't like that, then good to know ill never marry a negative girl like you :)

  • funny, weird, communitive, outgoing, understanding, independant, trustful...i could go on and on

    • well go on and on lol

    • AHAHAHHAHA thumbs down...who the hell is the negative nancy...LMAO

    • everyone has a thumbs down -_- one troll on this post

  • She'd have to be literate, honest, anti-imperialist, and adore eating Austrian pastries occasionally. She'd have to be fit and strong and working class. I can't abide princesses.

    • Two thumbs up...

    • dishlady 30000000 thumbs down for you if you were the one that removed all of the ideal mates. none of the reply's were offensive

  • 1)Personality Compatible

    2) Sexually Compatible

    3) Physically Attractive

    4) Brains are definitely a plus

  • Adventurous, Outgoing, Positive, Athletic, & Family-Orientated.

  • my lovely wife. she is perfection.


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  • Things I feel like I need in a partner:

    - Someone who is funny and lighthearted and knows how to have fun. I have a hard time remembering not to take things so seriously sometimes and remembering to have fun. I need someone to remind me that fun still exists when I am unhappy and stressing out over things like I always do.

    - Someone who is understanding. I am a complicated girl and a complete mess at times. I need someone who can understand and listen to me when I need someone to talk to. I also like it when people give me advice. Usually when I am venting to someone all I want is their perspective. Guys say that girls usually don't want advice, but that isn't true in my case.

    - Someone who is patient. Whoever ends up with me will have to be very patient in many ways about many things.

    -Someone who wants to have kids. I can't wait to be a mom. It is the only thing I really ever knew I wanted to be in life.

    - Some who is affectionate.

    - I need someone who has similar values and beliefs. I am really not worried about religion because honestly I don't practice any religion anymore. I would be open to choosing one (out of a specific list that I have deemed possible for me) if the guy already practiced that religion and wanted to share it with me.

    Things I want:

    - I want a taller man. He doesn't have to be a giant, but I am typically attracted to taller guys. I would choose someone of average height if we were right for each other in other ways.

    - Ginger. or Dark hair with light skin. No idea why I like these looks, but they are one of my personal preferences.

    - I would prefer someone with a good education. I am getting an education, so I would naturally hope to have a man who has one, too so that we can relate on that level. At the same time, I have also spent many years working at lower class jobs, so I can still relate to those people, too. In fact, I would probably prefer that he come from the same background. I have dated guys who came from wealthy families before and I didn't like it. I would rather have someone who had to work hard to get to where they are like I have done.

  • Compassionate (in general, not just to me)

    Likes and is good with kids

    Has passions and hobbies

    Encourages the people he loves to succeed and be happy

    Listens and gives good advice

    Likes to cuddle, thoughtful lover

    Intelligent, funny, someone I can have an interesting conversation with

    Responsible, dependable.

    Loyal, honest.

    Good communication skills.

    Someone I am attracted to.

  • He's got dark, wavy or curly hair, and beautiful eyes. Incredibly intelligent and opinionated, but is considerate and humble regarding both these traits. He cares about his health and is not comfortable with stagnating in any facet of his life. Has passions that he can talk about for hours, and encourages my own. He makes me think. He appreciates the little things I do for him, and does them in return. There is an ease in the way we speak to one another, and complete honesty. He's wonderfully witty and charismatic. We can talk for days and still love each other in our silences.

  • I want a man who is mature, treats me as an equal with respect and honesty. I want him to have similar interests in some aspects. He better know how to cook and clean because I refuse to be that wife who works on top of doing all the cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids. I want to come home to a nice, picked up (it doesn't have to be spotless) smelling good place and to him coming up to me and giving me a breath taking kiss asking how my day was. He needs to show affection and act like I'm the air he breaths and can't live without me, because that's how I would treat him, I'd put my whole heart into it and he should reciprocate. I really want a guy who loves kids because I REALLY want two if them and I need a great father figure. Not to mention having a great, exciting sex life would be a huge plus. ;)

  • Hard working, Christian, loves dogs, charming, witty, goofy, nerdy, affectionate, and preferably with long hair. :)

  • I decided when I was about 4 or 5 that I will marry the man who makes me feel the lyrics of the song "Coming Back to Life" by Pink Floyd link I've always wanted it to be my wedding song. Of course, if a better song comes along that describes our relationship, I can be flexible. But if on the inside I can feel the lyrics to that particular song when I'm with him or thinking of him, then I'll know it's right.

    I actually didn't find out until much later after first hearing the song that the guitarist David Gilmour wrote this song as a sort of proposal to his current wife.

  • Don't care about height, hair color, eye color or that he has interesting stories to tell me.. when it comes down to it and you love someone enough to spend the rest of your life with them those things wouldn't matter (at least for me).

    Preferably someone that

    - Loves me for me.

    - Trust worthy and loyal.

    - Affectionate and caring.

    - Compatibile personality wise.

    - Independent and positive.

    - Respects others/himself.

    - Sense of humour is always a bonus. (:

    • how does this get -1? :o

      +1 !

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    • But I just gave the decribtion of the only guy I've ever fellen head over heel with without saying his name lol I think he is perfect

    • Haha no worries, I understand. (:

      and thanks Cyrus.

  • -attractive in my eyes


    -trustworthy & faithful


    -wants kids

    -family oriented


    -a little nerdy

    -shares my beliefs

    -creative (and creatively romantic)

    -willing to try new things

    -likes to cuddle

    -loves me completely

  • easy-going, not too serious (only when he needs to be), physically active, loves kids and wants to have kids, assesrtive, confident but not cocky, not afraid to share his feelings and be romantic, taller than me (I'm 5'3"), can cook at least a little bit, willing to chip in with housework, has a profession, good relationship with his family, respectful, moral, has a sense of humour, not lazy, nonjudgemental, open-minded, preferably Christian, any race

  • The beginning of your idea sounds incredibly superficial. Just thought I'd let you know.

    I honestly have no clue yet. I think the definition builds and expands as I grow into the person I was meant to be. Given that I need to be attracted to him, I'm not picky and overly particular about his looks because that's how you miss out on good people. When you have a set of features set in mind, features that belong to someone who may not even be right for you, you are overlooking a bunch of really wonderful people. People who may not only be very good for you, but are also attractive in their own way even if they're not "a sexy Italian with short black hair who is 6ft to 6'5"

    • There are the basic things I want that everyone is attracted to and seeks in a partner; loyalty, kind, good sense of humor, fun, exciting, adventerous, ect. But those are things I think people naturally desire. Those are the surface traits that everyone gets a taste of, even their aquaintences.

    • and? this is just what would my ideal mate be and that's him... & fyi this describes the guy I like to a tea the mostly every word of it. and I sorta have my ideal mate.

    • oh okay, well that makes sense because you have a crush. Don't get defensive, all I was saying is that you may want to be careful about that because that's how you miss out. I've seen it happen A LOT where a girl or a guy is so caught up in looks that they fail to notice someone who I know would have been so good for them

  • Brainy and a true leader who considers me brainy and a true leader.

  • Physically:

    6-6"5, muscular (works out), athletic, healthy, Italian or African American, nice smile,.

    Everything else:

    Wants and Loves dogs, likes to watch sports with me (soccer (girls), ice hockey, football), can hold his own in chores, cook, basic cleaning, has to like coming home and seeing him (as much as I would), good sense of humor, funny, witty, sarcastic, honest, trustworthy,

    Yeah, I guess that's basically it. But he has to like dogs! That's major. As well as the sports. :)

  • Red Hair

    Green Eyes



    Southern Baptist

    Believes strongly in sex after marriage!

    Loves me, but God comes first.

  • I need a guy who knows me and can understand where I'm coming from most of the time. Also , can make me laugh. Cute. A bit rugged, not so clean cut.

  • Caring, compassionate, loving, selfless, sincere, intelligent, a potentially good father, charitable, a great job, trustworthy, honest, strong family ties, respectful, dependable <3

  • Smart, loyal, funny, easy going, knows how to take control, hard working, has a solid career, patient, naughty in the sheets but gentleman in the streets, our families should get along, 4 to 8 years older, same religious background, about 6 feet tall, caucasian, brown hair, any eyes, straight teeth, broad, masculine, not skinny or fat.but I know my future husband probably won't be all these things. Life is never ideal. in the end I just want a lasting marriage that we are both happy in. I want us to be best friends.

  • someone that I find physically attractive




    and very very sexual.

  • Strong mutual attraction and desire to have regular sex.

    Similar level intelligence and sense of curiosity.

    Similar sense of humor and approach to life.

    Not a complete slob.

    Respect for others and himself.

    Understands the value of hard work.

    Not an addict, excessive gambler, cheater or into SMBD.

    Likes me as a friend and vice versa.

    • whats smbd?

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    • ok

    • Actually, that does not seem like an unreasonable list and I hope you are successful in your quest!..(: