Ex husband and new wife?

He got made another documentary especially because he wanted his new younger wife in it.(His new wife hates me like hell,she always hated me so she didn't want to see his old documentary because she thinks that I was a gold digger and was ruining both his life and daughter's life.she has no respect for me-shes 24 and ex is 35,i am 33)

And the reviews about the family scenes really surprised me.everyone has only one comment on seeing my ex and his new wife's chemistry-simmering.

even though there wasn't anything intimate ,except two kissing scenes.

Everyone said that the moment they were together the mood was so light,funny,natural,genuine and so intense that the screen would just combust even they stayed together for more time.!

They were talking,and his wife made jokes,was seen joking with him and my daughter?(ex has sole custody)


When we did our scenes the result was this-

EX and I did our family scenes in his documentary and everyone called it fake,contrived and boring.

Especially the scenes between my husband and I.

The first was that we were shown sitting in the chairs along with our daughter and we did nothing,no exchange of dialogues except that both of us were looking at our daughter.

The second scene was that my ex was wearing his bags,ready to leave for work and while he was wearing the bags I suddenly went up and hugged him while he was wearing his bags,while he kissed me on head.

the third scene was that we had to kiss each other,(ex who is a good actor) but my ex comes up where I stood smiling,looks down,walks in a odd fashion and just as he was about to say something I quickly kissed him and after it he bent his eyes and became serious while I kept smiling.

He cheated several times before marriage as well as after marriage(,(like he thrashed his close female friend for her intimacy antics,cuddling and kissing girl's head and more)he did drugs(when younger) while he was with me ,i didn't do much except called the ambulance wen he overdosed

but I was happy as he was famous and rich and through him I got name,fame,luxury and identity. .i was always with my friends,getting my pix clicked in different poses with my dozen girlfriends as he stays out of home much due to his job.once I shifted away from him even though he didn't approach me,just came near me,

how was this better than ours?


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  • Your ex is your ex move on.


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