Men how would you feel if your girlfriend asked you to marry her?

I kno he is so in love with me and I'm in love with him. I'm afraid that he'd be upset that I asked because its not traditional for women to do so. We are moving in together and as a man he wants to handle everything. I will let him do so because he doesn't want me to worry about anything no matter how much I say I should help. This is something I want to do because I appreciate him and he's the best thing in my life. Should I let him ask or be bold and get the ring and propose?


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  • Are you OK living with him out of wedlock? One of the easiest things to do is express uneasiness about living together without being is OK for a female to propose...but might it be better psychologically for him to think that it was his idea? I am not sure about that...

    • That isn't a big deal to me -Living together without a wed lock. I thought maybe he would think that everything doesn't have to be on him as far as big decisions goes and that he would appreciate it. but I don't know and you may be right thanks

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