What would be your impression on this marriage?

i mean this height of impulsiveness is unbelievable..

Suppose a guy meets a girl at a bar,says it was love at first sight,asks for her number and starts dating but remains hooked or infatuated with other girls also.

This guy was considered a jerk who would physically harass/call them names females who rejected him and would do drugs too(stopped breathing, ambulance was called by his fiance)

Just a year later he gets engaged to her and starts thinking of baby names and picks out a name for the girl,hoping to have a baby as quickly as possible.

Then marries her a year later ,gets a tattoo of her name and produces a child in just 9 months of their marriage.

But during the entire span of his relationship and even today,he flirts and cheats with several girls.(sleeps with the women he likes,takes them out on dates ( cuddles,kisses)and hangs out with them,takes intimate pictures with them and has no fear of getting caught on camera or video.

if he publicly thrashes his very close female friend for sleeping around,the number of men he knows she slept with and who she's sleeping with while he's talking,then again his wife has no problems whatsoever ))

Contradictory behavior by wife who is happy in her own world of girlfriends and taking pictures in silly poses as well as accompanying him to glitzy events where he doesn't even take pictures with her or acts as if she's practically non existent at the event,talking to other people.not holding her by the waist or at all if he poses with her at all,

what can you say about them provided the guy has a high social status,lots of money and is quite well known-the star quality kind of and pretends to be a family man in twitter (writing happy birthday to his spouse on twitter when they were together!) and on public?

the guy young daughter is the apple of his eye(as he wanted a baby as quickly as possible) and he stays on road most of the time due to his job.

does he stay for the daughter as he has to be on road most of the time and since no woman is reliable enough to raise her,in case he divorces me( he will take full custody as he wanted a baby girl as quickly as possible)?

what would be your impression?


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  • I think this is a very orugh rough marriage. And believe it or not I feel bad for the wife to go through all this drama. It just sucks that a child is involed in this and that's part of the reason why I think he wouldn't want to get a divorce because he wouldn't have time to take care of the child because of his job. I think the sleeping around with other women part is wrong because he is still married and it's cheating. I think it's a loveless marriage. But who am I to judge. Every relationship has some type of issue or problems. I don't think their is really much options here except keep things the same or get a divorce or try to work things out with some compromise. Some people have marriages where they stay together for the kids then they still other people.

    • but I mentioned that the wife is always happy and posing like a teenage girl in the photos.she has no effects at all.and she knew what he was but for the sake of name,fame and lavish luxury she married him.

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    • yes I mean look at her!

      all she cares is fame and money nothing else,so shallow?

    • Very true she does care about fame and money which does seem shallow. Sometimes we have to make tough choices and tough sacrifices. And she sacrificed a lot to get the fame and money. But in the end was it all really worth it?

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