Short American wedding. What's a wedding like where you're from?

I'm just home from my first American wedding in the states and am a little bummed.Don't get me wrong it was beautiful and the bride looked stunning but it was so short. I'm more used to Irish weddings which generally last all night and start up again in a different venue the following day and then the next day just close friends and family or whoever is still alive. Whereas at this wedding come 11.30 people were going home and I was like wtf? I suppose its just that it cost so much to go and cost the couple a bucket load too just for a few hours, it seemed ridiculous to me. How long does you're average wedding last, from ceremony to reception? What time do you go home/finish up


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  • Weddings in my country (Argentina) are during the night, and they end up at 6-7-8 AM, depending on who's left standing. It's a phased thing. It goes like this (this is just how my wedding was, very traditional)

    1. The wedding ceremony (church / temple / whatever): you start with a ceremony that can range from 30 minutes to one 1/2 hour. Mine was something like 30.

    2. You then spend an extra 30 minutes greeting everyone that came to see the ceremony.

    3. Then everyone goes to the venue. It's quite normal to get married on a church / temple you like and then go to the actual place where you'll party. In the meantime, the newly weds go take some pictures with the photographer you hire.

    4. One hour after that you get to the place where the reception has been going on. It's rather normal to have first a reception and then the party @ the same place. Receptions are cool specially when there's an open bar. People starts drinking, eating, socializing.

    5. The newlyweds are "presented" to the "partiers" and have an introductory dance. My wife and I danced Sinatra + Bono, it was nice ;-) and then the Waltz. Then you go and greet everyone for a second time.

    6. A short dance session opens for another 30-45 minutes, just the music you choose.

    7. Then people sits downs at their appointed tables and a short video on the lives of the couples is played, then sometimes the best man proposes a toast, and food starts pouring. Only the first plates come in (not the entree). When everyone's done...guess what? more dancing!

    8. Another hour of dancing. Then you sit down again and eat the entree + dessert., which usually takes up to 2 hours or more depending on the size of the wedding and how many tables you have there. When everyone's done...yep, let's move again!

    9. Another solid hour of dancing...and then the cakes + "sweet table" come in (that's a table filled with cakes and stuff like that). That's the moment when the bride + groom "cut" the wedding cake. Another half hour or so of people eating.

    10. At this point, my wife threw her bouquet to the hungry single ladies. Then a band came up, they played for something like 45 minutes and then we just danced for the remainder of the night. You can dance the waltz here too if you haven't before, which is a nice way of opening the "final dance", which takes like 2-3 hours. We have a "carnaval" in the middle where everyone uses hats and stuff to make it even more funny.

    11. At around 6 am a nice breakfast is served to all who endured that much...and then everyone goes home. Ours was up to 7 am, and I then drove to the hotel we were staying at...couldn't feel my feet actually :P

    • Irish wedding - 1,2,3,4,5,7. Eat, drink dance, then drink some more until the bar finally closes at 6/6.30. Then off to the local bar the following day and some finger food but a whole lot of drinking, singing, dancing, anything goes well into the am and then the next day a few hours"quiet" drinks for close friends and family which usually lasts all day and night again

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    • Yours doesn't sound too bad either:-)

    • It was very good actually :)

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  • I'm American and I've been to two weddings. The ceremony itself lasted about an hour and the reception (the party after the actual ceremony) lasted 2-3 more hours.

    I can't stomach the idea of going to weddings and if I had to go to one that was longer I would probably hang myself.

    • That's because the ones you've been to have been as boring as duck. Where's the fun in that?

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    • well its not that at all. I mean I am shy but I just don't do well with others. I'm an aspie. but I was very badly bullied too.

    • I didn't mean that that's how it is for you just how it was for me.

  • I agree with you, I also prefer the Irish weddings, which are a combination of celebration and endurance test.

    But it's not just America that's like this. I think it must be most countries.

    Two friends of mine in Brussels here are getting married. They will literally get married over lunch time, so friends can take either a half day off work or attend the ceremony over lunch. A modest dinner will be held later for the immediate family who will have travelled from other countries to get here, but that's about it.

    Apparently that's quite normal for Belgians.

  • North America is actually a sort of 'upgraded' version of English marriages, which were more likely lunchtime/afternoon affairs.

    Wedding are pretty ridiculous now.

  • russian weddings are so fun! so many traditions and stuff. it lasts for like a week with different types of activities like throwing bride in the mud lol. I'm talking about small cities tho. big cities probably are boring.

  • Indian weddings last anywhere from 3 days to a week. Almost every night goes til the wee hours of the morning. It can get tedious especially for women with the outfit planning and what not but all in all, pretty good craic

  • "Welcome to hitchworld may I take your order?"

    "Yeah,..we liked to get married?"

    "Any tee-shirts with that?"

    "Uh, No Tee shirts. Thanks."

    "Congratulations, you're Parson is "Dave".That will be 35.95 at the first window."

    Vegas. Drive Thru. What a town.

    • Vegas weddings don't pretend to be something they're not

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  • i am from mexico city, and our weddings are traditional ...

    we have the church ceremony which is about 40min.60 min

    after they're married and the come out of the church everyone is waiting for them to sprinkle rice on them (which symbolizes that they will never have deficiencies)

    Then they go and take their picture while everyone else is getting to the party

    once the groom and bride get to the party everyone has dinner... dance and dance... then we got our traditional dances "la vivora de la mar" ,"el muerto", "the first dance" and the bride also throws the bucket. and "the mandilon"

    We also do other ritual as throwing the wedding copes, the groom goes around and everyone pins money to his tuxedo and little notes with good wishes. The bride goes around with a heel asking for money for her new home hahaha.

    And everyone keeps dancing until the next day

    The next day we have "el recalentado", so everyone who's left eats lunch and keeps dancing and drinking hehehe until they wanna leave .

    All wedding in mexico might be different depending on the state where people is from

    like said I am from mexico city and that's how our wedings are

  • It depends on the wedding. My sisters (we're all American) each want different things. My older sister is going to have a wedding last all night, potentially in to the wee hours of the morning, but as most of the guests come from far away, it can't turn in to a multi-day affair. However, My other sister wants a morning wedding where the ceremony goes until eleven or so and the reception lasts the whole day getting drunk. Neither is a multi-day thing, but I can't imagine one of those really.

  • I feel like some people are a bit weird with their weddings, I mean to each their own, but I am Irish and I am used to the partying, to me a wedding should be short, no need to make it long/boring or unnecessarily dramatic. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. It's supposed to be a celebration so why not celebrate and live life the way it's supposed to be. But to each their own

  • how long does your average wedding last? Here's mine:

    Day 1. All the family members and the wedding party had a pre wedding practice. We all went to the church to see where we'd stand and such.

    At night we had a large dinner together at a pizza place.

    I don't know about average weddings but I know mine.

    Mine started early at 9am where only there were the wedding party and the close family. We'd take a few pictures and help with the set up decorations in the church.

    Then at 12pm we had the walking down the isle part, saying the vows and pronoucing you husband and wife. Then at 1pm we had our reception where people had a huge feast of food cooked by my church. The picture taking of the cutting of the cake, and then the throwing of the bouquet. After that the wedding party went outside and we took some pictures. Wedding officially ended around 3pm for my husband and I. We were at our honeymoon suite hotel by 5pm after all the final cleaning up and such.