Is it okay to have and go out with male friends if your married?

ok so I have always got along better with men the women , I have never really had to many female friends ( just one best friend and she moved) the problem is I just got married in oct of this year to my first love ( we was seeing each other on and off almost 11 years) .. before we got married.. well anyway before I was married I would go out once and a while with my male friends we would go for drinks or just chill and have fun and no there was no sex involved . I would like to still be able to go out with my male friends once and a while just to get out of the house .. I even thought it be cool if my hubby was friends with them and we could all go out but my hubby don't like going out much and he don't trust the guys around me .. I don't want to cheat and I'm not trying to but I would like to have some kinda life besides just us .. should I give up my friends is my husband right or should he trust me to go out with out him ? if you are married your self do you ever go out with out your partner and how do he or she feel about it?


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  • Worst thing to do is go out with your guy friends without telling your husband. So let him know what's up and actually invite him even if you know he doesn't want to go. He may come out with you a few times then decline the rest.

    • i wouldn't go without telling him that would be bad .. omg if he did that to me I would be so pissed lol .

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  • if you really want to have some time just invite your friends over to your house but when your husband is in so he can meet them and won't think of other things. make him learn more about your friends so he can trust them more. and as much as possible don't go out with just guy friend or others will think that you are doing something bad.

    • hey there! i basically have the same issue. I met a guy friend once we just said hi and then he started chatting with me on fb (we know each other , and each other's friends but we never really talked) so we became really good friends on fb and we always talk about everything, so he invited me to basically join him with his friends for a karaoke night in the bar, I'm still hesitating because i'm gonna be the only girl in this friend group and it's the first meeting for us (i can't have one of my gfriends 'cause they're not in the city) so do u think it's ok for me to go?

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  • Well right you just got married, so of course it's going to be difficult. YEs you can have friends, but maybe you should all hang out together, make a nice dinner and invite some buddies over when the hubby is there so they can get to talking and knowing each other and if he wants he can invite his friends, and it won't be so awkward.