If you were engaged...would you be actively pursuing a relationship with a girl?

if you were engaged...would you be actively pursuing any kind of relationship with a girl you met?..including visiting a 'friend' of yours for a few days in the same city she's in?

i just want to know if there's something more there, if he just wants a true friendship, a lay before getting married, or what?

i like him though I know its wrong, and I don't know what he wants. it's so frustrating!


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  • Absolutely not...It's wRONG!

    • so you don't think he just wants to be friends?

    • Well if he's engaged to you, why would he go I mean for two days. Men are pigs OK 99% of them are, it's hormones...nothing we can control!

    • My girlfriend would smack the living sh*t out of me for even thinking of some situation like that and were not engaged...

  • i say go for it. nothing wrong with a dude getting some strange on side of his girlfriend / finace' / wife


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