Married People! I have a question.

ok so I was thinking, the wife can keep all of her girl friends and the husband can keep all of his guy friends. also the married couple can be friends with each others friends. but I never see the husband keep his girl friends nor the wife keep her guy friends. why is that? if the opposite gender is in fact just friends then what's the problem?


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  • They rarely were, in fact, just friends. Women seem more likely to really have truly platonic feelings; men are very frequently interested in their 'friends'.

    Even when they were quite often the friendship was serving as a substitute for the closeness they'd get in relationship.

    • ok well lets say, the girl/guy has an old childhood friend they still want to keep because they're like family? is that ok?

  • I think maybe it is tougher when the people involved are younger...but I kept all of my female friends and I flew down to Florida to be with a couple of them just about 2 years ago...(:


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