I fear not ever getting wifed. Please help me make sense out of this.

I'm really scared I won't get engaged.I do everything to be wife material but it never seems enough.I feel the pressure to be a homemaker and a good daughter in law.My greatest failure in life would be missing a husband,mostly because I am attractive and get asked out four times more than all my friends.I try to be perfect for all the boyfriends I get and I hate feeling so desperate.Please advise.

Thanks guys and girl for being so understanding.I realize that now is the time I should be focussing on being good enough for me and not basing my happiness on how others take me.Thanks again.


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  • Mate, you need to relax a little and take things one at a time... In the age group that you are, you should be more worried about choosing and deciding on a career rather than thinking of becoming a wife and a good daughter-in-law. No offense, your thoughts/doubts are not completely off track, but they are not the most appropriate for you now... As you mature with age all will tune out well... Cheers.


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  • You have loads of chances and boyfriends and time, chill the fvck out.


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  • You've got your own pace, no

    need to hurry through life =)

    Just take it slow and be yourself.

    It will happen when you least expect it.=)

    • I like the thought'it will happen when you least expect it.I hate being so self conscious.Every girl deserves a guy who will see their greatness even when they have their guard down because we do that for our men.