How should I take the comment and should he be thinking about getting married first?

So my boyfriend was kinda questioning when the last time aunt sally came to town (if you know what I mean) and then he said oh OK. I said why do you ask he said because it wouldn't be the end of the world :-) :-) Having a baby with you :-) That's exactly how he wrote it. We have been together a year at the end of April but shouldn't he be proposing to me first and thinking about getting married to me and popping the question before he thinks about a baby? Also how should I take the comment he said to me?


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  • It's a modern world. Not everyone equates baby with marriage, or puts them in the traditional order either.

    Take the comment as meaning he's serious about you, and if an accident happened he wouldn't be in a rush to drive to the abortion clinic or run for the hills.


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  • I wold be very flattered. I have no doubt that marriage is on his mind. I woud interpret it as him saying that he wouldn't mind being tied to you for the rest of his life. he wouldn't mind you being the mother of his child. it doesn't mean he wants to just knock you up.

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