Why do some people with at a really young age boy/girlfriends behave like they would already be married?

i am 19 an of course I have friends at the same age and I know also some who are a few years older and a lot of them have girl/boyfriends and most of these relationship last since more than a year...

some of them are taking it waaaaaaaaaaaay to seriously like they would already be married which I think is a bit ridiculous at this age

some examples: one of my former best friends has a boyfriend since nearly 2 years and now she doesn't see any friends and she is that jealous that he is also not allowed to see friends and she is kind of obsessed...she even stopped to go to college just that she can move with him in a flat and she is already fantasizing about having a house with him and marry him ect. (I mean she just turned 19! wtf?!)

then I have a friend who is also 19 and her boyfriend is 25 and they are a couple since 3 and a half years and her mum once said "he`ll get married" (of course with her)

then I know another couple they are 21 and also moving together in a flat...

i mean come on! are they all so naive and think that they will marry? I mean how many people marry their first big love and then don`t get divorced? also I think that if you don`t gain at least a bit of experience like if you always be with one girl or guy and then finally marry her/him you will probably end up with an affair in your mid 40ties because you want to try out how it is with other people and probably you`ll start to wonder if you made the right choice and if there isn't a greater girl/guy out there

i think the 20ties are made for gaining experience and party and not for absolutely serious relationships I mean they are nice but I would never think about marriage and children at this age (my parents married at the age of 30 and now they are 52 and still happy)

so what do you think about all this? do you also have so serious relationships at this age?


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  • well I don't know about cutting off their friends in a relationship, sounds like an insecure person.

    I always strictly encourage my girlfriends to have fun with their friends, whether they be male, females, or both, I tell them that's important to live the life they truly desire. If I date them, then I trust them to do the right thing and won't do anything wrong.

    I understand where your coming from but its important that you experience the things you want. I did all of the above except travel the world. Partying, Clubs, hooking up, Friends with benefits, and out of all that, I still prefer relationships. It works for me because it makes me happy more then waking up in beds of people I don't even know or love.

    In the end, its all about what do you truly want and desire.

    • i agree with you and your lifestyle I mean you did different stuff and then after doing it you can say now that you want relationships but how can someone says that he doesn`t like this or that if he has never tried

    • I see, well, Some people are a little closed minded but they still like their lifestyles in the end.

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  • Haha yeah, I know what you mean. Know this one guy who's seventeen now, and a couple years back he was with this chick who was like fourteen and they had all their marriage planned out and where they would live and where they would got to college, and how many kids they would have. Agh! Ridiculous..


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  • Hahaha my friends! Their first relationship and the cut all contact with their friends. He spends the night at her house and they're literally inseparable. I don't get it. She talks to him like a baby too. It's disturbing almost.

  • Everyone views relationships differently.

  • Because they are living in the fairly tale.

    • hmm could be true I also lived in a fairy tale when I had my first big love but I awoke from it fairy tale when I was 16 because he cheated on me, left me, ignored me, couldn`t standme and exploited my feelings for him to make out