How do you know a relationship is over? Or the love is dead.?

Me and my husband have been married for 2 years going on 3. But I think we rushed it or I don't know well were still young I'm barley 19 turning 20 next week? But I really think we rushed it or mayb he did it because I was prego at the time and thought it was best. But I really love him of course but some time he kan be really immature and selfish. Not only that but he also has hurt me pretty deep wen I was prego and sometimes now I feel like he perfers to be out with his friends den with his family. I understand he needs space but he works all day and the whole week we barely see him.and he rarely wants to spent time with us. We argue a lot over little things.and I just don't knw what to do anymore...LOST :/


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  • I guess you should go for holiday without him. Give him time to miss you. In every relation sometime we feel 'that sparks' has died down. I dnt think it does not mean he does not love you anymore. Try to avoid a fight or quarelling, it can become a habit after sometime. good luck.