Do you ever talk about what your wedding would be like with your partner?

My boyfriend and I talk about getting married and we talk about what we would do if we got married,where we would have it,who we'd invite...He always says things like,"when we get married.." How would I know if he is being serious?Or just joking around,I mean is it normal to talk about marriage like that,if you had no intention of getting married?Do you ever talk about marriage with your partner?Sorry about all the questions lol!


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  • Yeah! actually had 3 bfs tlk about about marriage.. it always creeped me out. except for my current boyfriend I'd love to marry him :) so .. I really don't think its not normal, he's just serious about you and has established where he see the relationship in a couple years. and that's great..if you're on board.


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  • hate to bust your bubble, but it is possible for people to talk about marriage without meaning it in the slightest.. however there's a good chance he's a least half serious, and if he says it in a joking manner, he may be just testing your reaction.. just go along with it

    • When he spoke about it,he sounded reasonably serious..But then he'd say a little joke at the end.I don't get why a guy would bring it up,if he doesn't want that..

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    • Why _do_ people talk about it early on. Why is it funny'. & what is there to test. I know people joke about it alot. I don't see the point.

    • i don't know, honestly. Maybe it's fun to talk about long term commitment to somebody when you've only been with them for a couple weeks and still have that infatuation thing going on..

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  • i've had plenty of guys joke about marriage, and it wasn't serious, even my old boyfriends

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