Guys... is he showing signs that he is going to propose?

My boyfriend and I had been discussing marriage, but never seriously considered a time frame for engagement, etc. Then, we got really busy because he is getting ready to move to my hometown. He will (finally:)) be in my hometown, and all settled in, in about one month. I'm starting to get hints that he might be proposing soon though! Here are my clues:

1) He has decided to only sign a 6 moth lease on an apartment. He told me it was so he could buy a house in town after a few months.

2) My mom recently mentioned making an appointment with our family photographer to do some pictures of my boyfriend and I together.

3) I am trying to get time off work to go out of state and meet his parents, but it's just been really hard to schedule. They decided that it was important to meet me, so they're taking a week off to come here instead.

4) He told me his mom is really putting the pressure on to buy me a ring.

5) The other night he told me (in reference to getting married), "i just want to wait a little bit longer so that I can have everything absolutely ready... but it's coming"

Now. I haven't been pressuring him at all. That's why I was a little surprised by his last statement. I thought he was going to wait to propose for another 2 years so he could finish up his masters degree. But now I am starting to think otherwise? We have a romantic little getaway planned for this summer that my parents spontaneously decided to join us on... is he going to do it then?

Guys... in your opinion, would you say he's going to do it soon? or do you think a "little while" is longer than I'm imagining. the suspense is killing me now!


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  • I know the suspense is kiling you but all you can do is wait it out. Don't plan it out in your mind because if he doesn't do it, you will be disappointed. You want to be take by surprise so I would try to get it out of your mind. But I would say yes, especially if he told you so. However, I hope he is proposing because he wants to and not because he is being pressured by his mom.