What are a few things you should talk to your bride/groom to be...?

...Befor the wedding day. Or what would you talked to her/him about before you propsed. Just incase I forgot a few things.

Girls & guys what's important to you in a marriage?


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  • That's a good question. People like to think that if they are head over heels in love, that's all it takes and everything else will work itself out. We only live this life once, and I think it's important to not give up our dreams and goals just to be with someone you love. This is the type of thing that will cause resentment btwn the two of you down the road. I think it's very important that the two of you discuss how you see your perfect relationship in the future, before there is a ring on her finger. Do you want to live here or move across the country? Do you want to live in town or in the country? How much money do we need to make to live comfortably? Is your desired comfort level similar to mine? Do you want children? When? How many? Would someone stay at home to raise them or would we both work? Who will be responsible for household chores? Who will cook? Who will do the yard work? How important is family to you? Who will pay the bills? Who will do snow removal? Do you want to travel? Do our families like each others' SO? Do you feel like you fit into my family? Will you participate in things I love with me, even if you don't care for them, because it's important to my happiness? What kind of activities do you want me to do with you that you care about? Can you allow me to have enough freedom to still be me, and hang out with just my friends and fam sometimes? Can I allow you that freedom? Do we trust each other? Will we have each others' back over anyone else, EVERY TIME? Can you see yourself growing old with me? Can you open up to me emotionally and sexually? Can we allow each other to be completely ourselves? Can we accept each others' faults? Can we compromise and learn to let go when we have arguments? The list goes on and on and on. Some of these things may not seem like such a big deal, but if you don't agree on them, they WILL BECOME a big deal later, unless you figure out a way to make both sides happy and compromise. In marriage, I want to be the best wife I can be for my husband, I want to make him happy and satisfied in every way he needs, I want to make him feel like a king. I also want him to WANT to keep me happy in all these way too, and work hard to do so. I want to experience the world with him, have great adventures together, go through hardships hand in hand and create life with him. He only wants one, I want two, I'm working on him lol. There's my very lengthy idea of a good start to figuring out if this person is right for you for forever.


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  • 'you don't have any homicidal tendencies...right?'

    • Saddly I had to ask my last girlfrieds family that once..

      They told me if I had to worry about it I should dump her..

      Since she had already drew a knife on me. I simply dumped her

    • :o

      that is...scary...

  • Where we're going to live, if he wants kids because I know I don't and he's not going to be getting mad at me after we're married for that, combining income/if you're going to have a joint checking account, if she's changing her name (again not something I want to do so he would have to know that beforehand)...those are just a few things I can think of

  • i assume that by just few days before the wedding day there won't be important things to talk about/ discuss... because we would have been planning to get married a longtime ago and everything that needed to talked about is already said...

    Marriage is very important to me.. I would to be committed to one guy for the rest of my life, of course we should love each other so much and stick with each other through ups and downs.


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