Why do I get guys who want to marry me instead of just being boyfriend/girlfriend first?

I've never had a boyfriend before I don't know why, like I don't want to sound up myself but I'm considered really pretty and my personality is great. I have guy friends and all that, so it's not like I'm shy to speak to the opposite gender. I get stared at quite a lot, but the problem is I never get a guy to talk unless I talk first. And I never have any guy come up and just be I don't know friendly like wtf am I that scary? Makes things worse I only get the serious guys who straight up want to marry me. Seriously, I just want a normal relationship with a guy, without being so serious and jumping to marriage already. I'm only 18 :). So why does this happen to me?


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  • You do the right things,you say the right words and you probably move the right way. Go to college you'll get what you want.

    • Yea I will be after I finish from the Defence force :)

  • Because you are hot, and guys are intimidated by hot women, they think that you can have any guy you want, so why would you want them...that's why guys don't approach you.

    Continue being friendly, just give guys more time to warm up to asking you out, and always drop hints that you are single and looking for a man.

    As for guys always wanting to marry you, it may be because marriage is a huge turn on for most women, and if a guy wants you desperately, he'll say he'll marry you in an effort to get you into a relationship, or into bed. It's like girls that offer sex in an effort to get a boyfriend.

    Good luck, and remember you are only 18, you'll figure out the "game" soon enough.


    what's the Defence Force?

    • Maybe, oh well what can you do, that's life :) thanks for the advice.

      Well where I live (Israel) once you turn 18 both guys and girls have to serve the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), just military :)

    • The Defence Force, now I get it. Well, at least if all else fails, you'll have the skills to kidnap a good man...lol. Krav magna, I think that's an Israeli martial art, you can hold a good man hostage using that stuff.

    • Hehe maybe. Will see ;)

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