He is very upset because I didn't have my wedding ring on when I went out?

I took it off before surgery and just forgot it in my locker afterward. I went out with some friends and we went there straight from the hospital and when I noticed that I had forgotten my ring we halfway there already.

I didn't think much but when I got home it apparently was the first thing my husband noted. I told him what happened but he still doesn't believe me. He thinks I tried to cheat on him. Does he not trust me at all?


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  • I used to take my ring off for work, like yourself, and sometimes forgot to put it back on. As you know there are occupatins that actually require you to remove jewelry, so that is completely understandable.

    The fact that he is watching you tell me he doesn't trust you. In most cases when a person suspects another is cheating, they are correct. Scratch your nose if he is correct =0 You can be honest with us ... without consequence.

    If he is demonstrating his mistrust to you, that is an entirely different situation.

    • He is not correct. I'm not cheating or have ever been

    • Then the question of the day is ... Why is he doing this?

      Answers, because he has been burned and not regained his trust. He is lonely and needs reassurance. He is screwing around on you and putting you on the defensive.

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  • It sounds like he has trust issues, yeah. Serious ones. Have you ever given him any reason to distrust you before? If not, then perhaps you should remind him of this. I mean I can understand why someone might jump to this conclusion, but really, I think he more than anything needs to look at your history. If you've never done anything in the past, that SHOULD tell him something, and you have every right to be pissed off at him for accusing you like that. However if he has reasons to doubt you at all, then this will be messier than it needs to be.

    Look all I can suggest is that you get mad, point out your past (if it would help) and then if all else fails, maybe provide some proof. Logs, witnesses, showing him that your ring was indeed in your locker. Whatever else you can find. But seriously, this isn't cool. You shouldn't have to deal with this crap. He needs to stop being jealous and trust you. That's what marriage is about.

    blah. I'm sorry I can't be much more help.

    • I have never given him any reason. At least I have never cheated or tried to make him jealous. He does get jealous every once in a while though, but it's usually because of little things and actually kinda cute. Like "he didn't like the way that guy was looking at you" but he has never been that serious about

      thx for your advice :)

    • Oh man, sorry to say, but that was your warning sign. If a guy starts getting jealous in the beginning, it's usually something like "are you looking at my girlfriend?" while clenching his fists, and then it usually warps into this over time. It's best you give him hell and nip this in the bud right now before he does this again, because this could get worse.

  • "If I was mindful enough to take the ring off to cheat on you, don't you think I'd be mindful enough to put it back on before I got home?"

    • lol ya that hasn't even occured to me yet

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  • I went to on a weekend away for a hen party without me engagement ring. I simply forgot to put it back on after using lotion. It wasn't an issue at all because my fiance knew it was a genuine mistake and knows I would never cheat on him. He teased me about it but that was it. If you have to justify you're every move to him then there's a problem.