Will I ever get married?

so I am going to get married probably after 8 years from now and I had lost my vir**** because I loved a guy,and you know how it goes! but I regret it ! I think no man can ever accept me... what do you think ?!


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  • well your going need some motivation to get back out there and try again.but if you stay in the phase of no one wants me and everyone hates me..guys can smell that a mile away and avoid these kinds of situation..get physical try new things push your bodies limits and stretch your mind..and the world is yours babe.


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  • Hi

    If you really want to get married I am sure that you can.

    A better question is would you want to marry someone for any other reason other than making each other happy?

  • i don think what you did was wrong...u did that because you loved that person...and don worry you will find someone good for you someday dear...

  • Not sure I understand. Are you saying no man will want you because you have lost your virginity? If so, you are dead wrong.

    • yeah I mean virginity, I just made it like that because I am in level one and they won't let me post that question, but I am saying that guys really care about virginity and I lost it.

    • Yup, I second that. Any guy that would reject you because you have lost your virginity isn't mature enough to be even having a relationship in the first place, and would not be worth your time. To me, yeah, your virginity is supposed to be special, the first time, and your always remember your first time, but ultimately, its overrated. So what if its not your first time, does that make you damage, unsexy, less beautiful, less of a women? Hardly.

    • I don't care about virginity and neither do any of my friends.

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  • Your fine.

    There's a difference in losing your virginity to a guy you loved and loved you back -

    And losing your virginity to a random stranger because you were drunk.

    It's the context of your character and choices that ultimately matter.

    • What if I lost my virginity after numerous drinks with a very casual acquaintance ...

      Where does that put me on the slut-o-meter ?

      There is nothing quite so dangerous as the middle of the road =0

    • " It's the context of your character and choices that ultimately matter."

      The scenarios weren't literal, just an example of opposite extremes nonetheless, with a subtle hint to the stereotypes that go along with them.

      If you missed that. I'm sorry.