Do guys seriously fear that their girlfriends will say "no" to their proposal?

I know it is always an option for anyone, no one has to to say yes, but near all girls say yes. I am sure even jokingly it is in the back of a guy's mind but do you guys have a legitimate fear or reasons to fear that your girlfriend won't say yes to your proposal of marriage?


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  • I proposed to my girlfirend of 8 years at the age of 21 and that was a huge concern in the back of my actually made me think twice about how and where I was going to pop the question. If she would've said no it would've killed me. But what I wanted most was her to say yes and mean it...not say yes just because its going through the motions and felt obligated so to speak (which of course is what happened)


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  • If a man doesn't fear that, he doesn't love you.

    And yeah, if she says no and you really loved her, that rejected-love-headache could destroy you.

    JOE ROGAN: yo



  • I've never been 'that' serious with any girl to propose to her, but pretty much in my eyes it's a deal breaker if it happens.


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