Why do I feel so lonely? I wish I have some one to talk to

I thought being married suppose to make your life great.. I feel so miserable! I do not feel appreciated in anything that I do for him. Being his wife I fee like sh*t. If I am as bad as you say I am... I am willing to leave. I just wish I have a friend to hug, some one to cry to... some one to talk to... I am tired of this life being the way it is now!

I am giving up

Honestly, I don`t think I can ever be that selfish and that mean to talk about him only as if it was never my fault as well. But I am human, I try my best though I am not perfect! I don't judge him, I don't talk sh*t to him, I don't call him names, I don't take anyone above him. I don't think I deserve it either. Being his wife I just need the same respect that he would want from me. I just need a man who cares...


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  • There are lots of people you can talk to that will listen, even if they are just friends, more people are interested in what's going on with you than you could imagine. :) If you just want someone to talk to, then add some friends on here and start talking with them (seriously, you can even add me if you want, I'm usually not thinking about dating and such so I don't get on here all the time, but I'm usually on later at night). :) you'll get all the attention you need if you just try to talk with someone.

    As for your husband, I'm not really sure I would be able to stay in a relationship like that. I would need much more attention and communication to be able to be in a relationship. I broke up with one of my exes because she wouldn't communicate with me. if she wasn't comfortable with a conversation, or it wasn't going in her direction, she would just say "bye" and end it at that. =/

    • Wow, Your story really touches me! Honestly, I can say I hate this relationship and I have done enough for him to still treat me this way. It sucks because after we got married he wouldn't let me keep in contact with my friends so I lost them all But for my family... They are so far away and when he treats me bad... It seems to me as he feels good about it... He is sleeping right now, And I can't even sleep... I am too stressed out.. I wish marriage isn't so hard for me, at least for my culture!

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    • If you really want to try to get the relationship to work, then you will have to find a way to communicate with him.

      and I'm sorry, I have an exam in a couple hours and need to get some rest and study for it.

      Feel free to add me and talk with me about anything you want :)

    • Goodnight! And I hope you do well on your Exam!

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  • Wow, that sounded pretty depressing. Sooooo, why do you say your miserable. Is it just because he isn't treating you well? Can you be more specific so that we can comment or give you advice?

    • Long story! I don't think anyone is interest in knowing about my life. I have always been that loser for him anyways... I just keep letting it pass me by... And now I am having enough and too much of this drama... I am a wife who is unemployed, married to a man who lives far away from my family and friends... I know I don't have a job to support him or us the way he supported me with money but.. I don't know how long I can be with a man like this...I guess I can use some one to talk to...

  • stop pressuring yourself and talk to your spouse about how you feel ... you married him... that someone to talk to is right there and you don't care...being married is not all about you (the girl)

    • I appreciate your answer... its just harder than you say... I can't even get him to talk to me..

      Most of the time I can't even ask him anything... I wish I can talk to him and get him to reply, it would be a dream come true! This is a hard one. I been with my ex in the past but with him it is just so different, so complicated, and so hard. He is never turn on, at least not by me, And he won't EVER tell me what he wants / fantasies! Everything is just so hidden, so hard, so complicated!

    • why did you get married to him then

    • All I can say is that we have gotten married way too soon. When we first started dating he was not like that. Start seeing the dark side of him after a few months into our marriage. :(

  • =(

    Such a sad story ...


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  • Some guys do less when he's won the prize. He thinks that since you are his, he can now relax and enjoy life. So maybe this is why he is giving you less attention and TLC than before. Commucation is really important. You need to sit down and talk to him. Not in nagging or angry way but like a discussion. If you love him, you want to make this marriage work but he needs to cooperate as well.

    • Thats true! I agree. But its just hard to understand when you are in the situation. Communication sucks in our relationship though So that's why it make things harder on me who is trying to work it out alone. Someday I think about leaving him... I need to really make up my mind and just walk out! I know someday he will probably understand what's happening now..

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    • I understand what you are saying and I respect that but, I have tried almost everything I got. From telling him I miss him to sweet text while he is at work, to asking him how his day went, to making his favorite meals. I try to be as open as I can be to him. Today he got mad at me, He called me Lazy! I can't even remember the last time he had to do anything around the house! I would appreciate it more if he can see more of what I do rather than being mad because it might not be what he expected.

    • Then you shld tell him straight and ask him why is he being so mean to you. If he's not gonna try to make this marriage work out with you, ask him if he wants to give up.

  • i know its easy for me to say this... but I think it would be best for you to separate from this guy and find your happiness first... you have to have a life, something going on for yourself... you can not depend your happiness on a partner... you should off never let go of friends and all the things that made you happy before, maybe going out with girlfriends, continuing school keeping up with your goals in life and all the things that make your heart and soul happy, try to do more things for yourself and try to share some fun activities with your husband...by the way I think your so young to be married... if this relationship is not working for you don't stay with this guy it will be the best for you and for him too. You know in your heart if the relationship has no future, I'm also sure you know what's wrong with it. to me it seems like your guy is not good at communicating than find some counseling to help you make things better but do something your too young to be so unhappy. Don't wait till you have 4 or 5 kids with someone you don't want to spend the rest of your life with.

    • I just want to let you know that I really appreciate you written me. It means a lot to me right now and I love every single words you have said above! It means so much... Every single day... something has to be wrong for us. I hate it and I don't want to be like this anymore. Today my told me I was lazy... Actually this isn't the first time But... I hate how he can't appreciate & see anything I have done! I know I am unemployed right now... But I don't deserve to be call lazy! I am a student and

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